Hello world!

Well, Hello! I have decided to dip an electronic toe into the water. I think I have two reasons for wanting this. Firstly, sheer narcissism. Secondly, I quite fancy keeping a diary, yet the whole business with the blank book & the pens doesn’t sound quite feasible for someone of my engrained untidiness & generalised household negligence. A diary that lives Out There In Cyberspace (my ideas about cyberspace are hazy. I have a vague mental image of a really big computer in a dark basement, with twinkly lights & a busy-sounding hum) may be just the thing. We shall see.

In case I ever acquire A Reader (gasp!) or even more disconcerting, A Reader Who Comments (please say you like me) I shall describe the Hairy Menage.  (I’m pretty sure that menage means Family. If not, then my Reader will promptly (& correctly) conclude that not only am I prone to over-punctuating with brackets, but that I also tend towards using words of which I’m only 90-something percent certain of the meaning. However, I may at some point make a Really Funny Malapropism. Best stick around & keep reading, just in case.) 

Hubby is the Hairy Farmer. A sweet man of equable temperament, hairy chest (and back) and possessed of a medium to large nose. You will doubtless become better acquainted with him as we go forward. Hairy Farmer Family consists of myself & child. Child is a beautiful blue-eyed boy of as yet uncertain temperament, a very small amount of hair indeed, and a button nose of breathtaking cuteness.  Harry is now some 8 months old, although his abrupt entry into the world at 33 weeks gestation, and a whopping 3lb 12oz, means that he is still playing catch-up. I am a woman of mercurial temperament, with strong-willed, thick (Hubby once referred to it as ‘coarse’. Still wounded.) hair in a style that isn’t quite anything. I say nothing of hair I may have elsewhere, except to mention that since marriage, and particularly since birth of child, its removal from my body has become sporadic & haphazard. My nose is bigger than I would ideally like, but not so big as to make me hostile towards it.

So, there you have us. Pleased to make your acquaintance.


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  1. Hey there, welcome to blogging. Trying to figure out if you’re on the MA group but I’m drawing blanks.

  2. Hello! I think I may have signed up to them yesterday; I found them via (deep breath) The Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer. Ann

  3. Nice to meet you.

  4. this is a very old post!! How come this has appeared in my feedreader – are you editing!!? 😉

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