Possession & a Cute Little Face are 10/10ths of the law

I told hairy hubby emphatically & tearfully on the day Harry was born: never again. The chafing stitches on my 2nd degree tear may have been a catalyst in this decision, but the sight of his poor little body violated by countless tubes & IV lines immediately sent me to a place I’ve found it hard to come back from. Even though we were fully expecting a premature birth, I can still invoke the horror & shock without really trying too hard. It wasn’t until I saw my counsellor a month or so back (who acquired me for life during my IVF treatment) and talked it through that I realised why I was having such a hard time putting the NICU to bed. I was planning to do it all again.  

Jane Austen was a canny girl. ‘I purposely abstain from dates on this occasion, that every one may be at liberty to fix their own, aware that the cure of unconquerable passions, and the transfer of unchanging attachments, must vary much as to time in different people’. And when my friend’s 9 week old daughter cuddled into my neck this afternoon and mewled softly, I finally melted. My periods have re-started & perhaps, deep in my sleepy and lethargic ovaries, an egg stirs? Perhaps, and most likely, not. However, the condom packet, purchased with fervour post-partum, can stay sealed. I officially want another one.

Not but what, a fourth person could certainly Up the Ante in respect of the Zapper Wars. A third protagonist emerged earlier this evening.

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