I have acquired an impressive new cockerel to squire Mrs Brahma, who was left mooching most disconsolately alone following the foxes’ dinner reservation.

Colonel Mustard II made a dive towards Mrs B the moment he set eyes on her, then stalked off majestically to survey his new terrain. Mrs B was pretty startled by his sudden appearance; she certainly wasn’t expecting the good seeing-to she immediately received, but as she’s been fluffing herself up and preening shamelessly all evening, I’m guessing she’s pleased. She has been following him slavishly, and she’s already trying to see where that ray of light is peeping out from, look…




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  1. He has gorgeous coloring.

  2. He appears to be shit-hot in bed too! Poor girlie hen (who’s actually probably late middle-aged) has been VERY flustered today!
    At least if the fox comes back tomorrow, I’ll know they finished up happy.

  3. I’m not sure if your comment above or the post is funnier. I love me some chickens.

  4. Coming from NCLM.. lovely site!

  5. I found out that this is pretty easy. Actually, all you need to do is upload your image and copy the URL and then go to design and select the text widget and edit it and paste the URL there. It *should* work…worked on mine anyway!!

    Good luck to ya!!!

  6. Hmmm – I feel for your suffering!! I had some trouble the other day with Blogger when my lovely post refused to leave a line between the last two paragraphs, no matter what I did!

    Fortunately I worked it out in the end, and I hope you do too, but in the meantime – lots of gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair!! I empathise!

  7. Nice cock.

    Sorry, I know that’s no original but that’s all that I could think of…

    He’s beautiful!

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