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NaComLeavMo: More Conversation Than You Can Shake a Stick at

I have pummelled my keyboard for 2 hours. I have immersed myself in WordPress FAQ and Forums. And still, STILL, I can’t get a single bloody image that isn’t Flickr into my sidebar. In a post? No problemo. Look at Mel’s lovely orange drawing, nestling comfortably exactly where I left it. The Sidebar?  Having none of it! Even changed my damn theme, and still zip. BLOODY THING!!!

To cap it all, it’s a Saturday and therefore: Family Time! Not farming time. Hairy Hubby pissed off at 9.25am to ‘just pop and sort out a lamb with maggots’ – knowing full well that in blowfly season I haven’t a leg to kick him with stand on when a lambkin is in trouble. Two hours later there was still no sign of him and Harry was being a bugger displaying tiresome behaviour. The poor lad still hasn’t shaken off this viral nasty, in fact, it’s currently enjoying a resurgence. His snot is truly impressive and widely distributed around his face and the furniture. Hubby eventually turned up looking vaguely apologetic, muttering something about orf (another lamb Nasty) which I pretended not to hear, and has been firmly handed child to feed and mind whilst I enjoy my Harry-free time HURTING MY HEAD trying to figure out WHY GOD, WHY the HTML code I have obediently inserted doesn’t sodding work

I give up. I’m going shopping. It’s Hubby’s birthday on Monday and I need cake ingredients. Also BBQ stuff, despite the likelihood of the weather turning utterly pants. Still, we are British, we only know how to BBQ in the rain and wind.

Incidentally, I forgot to mention that the return of the EWCM was a cruel vaginal hoax. My period returned the next day, and is back to stay with me, seemingly forever.  Considering buying shares in Always Ultra.


Finally have image… don’t know what the buggery fuck I did to make it work though.

 ***Updated Update***

It’s gone! It’s gone! I scaled it down to fit and it’s gone and pissing well fucked off and left a little red cross instead. It’s left me an electronic turd, the bastard thing! They should prescribe WordPress for patients with low blood pressure.

***Updated Updated Update***


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