We’re Running Low On Asses’ Milk

Thank you for your kind enquiries, ladies; yes, I am all de-festered of my livestock. I must be, I’ve had more showers and baths than Cleopatra. I have not, however, stopped itching, but I think it’s all in my mind. Am heading off to posh shopping centre now, so if there’s anything left crawling, no doubt it will choose to re-appear there.

I have cracking news to report on the Sleep Offensive; after the first night’s meltdown, Harry has been a little sleeping saint. Saints do get up at 5.30am, yes? But never mind, barely a whimper out of him the second night’s bedtime, and he’s slept straight through til dawn both times. He also appears to be sleeping much more soundly, given that Hubby and I managed a snarled, hissing grumpy exchange over the top of his cot last night regarding location of some (any!?) clean bedlinen. So I have, of course, happily postponed Harry’s room move, on the basis that the situation no longer seems to be a problem for anyone.

Whilst all continues nicely in the Hairy Farmer household, other households are not having it so good. May and Antigone appear to be having a rough old time, in fact. Both deserving of A) much NaComLeavMo love and B) a fucking break.

NB – I was obliged to Google the correct plural of Ass, and Oh! what a lot of bottoms I had to fight my way past. There seemed to be no consensus, so if you’re an authority on these things, do feel free to put me straight.

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  1. Glad to hear the bitey things have vanished from your person and that the small person sharing your bedroom has reacquainted himself with sleep.

    As a teacher in a previous lifetime, many millenia ago, just letting you know your plural Asses in the blog header meets all the correct criteria to please the Grammar Fairy. Not so sure if the same applies to the Google Asses.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your wedding story!!

    I always thought it was asses??

  3. It’s asses. Here via NCLM.

    Isn’t it freaky how we can shower and know we’re clean, but still feel the creepy-crawlies!

  4. here from NCLM….creepy crawlies eek me out! Hope the itching subsides soon. You boy is a darling!

  5. Glad to hear that your little one is starting to sleep all the way through the night.

  6. Hi from NCLM! I’m working my way up from the “ass” of the NCLM list–I was always first in line because my maiden name begins with “B” so I always start at the opposite end.
    Probably more than you cared to know=)
    So hello, and Im looking forward to reading back through your blog!
    Your little one is precious!

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