Deep Sorriness Atonement Song

I am in what is colloquially known as Deep Domestic Wifey Shit.

Yesterday I tackled a DIY project. I had bought a rough-as-shit-but-looked-ok-in-the-photo dresser off Ebay, and decided that the only way forward with it – aside from firewood – was to paint it.

I borrowed Hubby’s beloved Leatherman to tackle some piddling little screws on the cupboard doors, and then for some reason known only to God, I placed said Leatherman on the nearby bonnet of my car when I had finished. It sat there quite happily, alongside the kitchen knife I had used to open the tin of paint – the correct designated tool for this type of job.

It sat there overnight, and all the next morning. It sat there when I leaped blithely into the driver’s seat and tooled off down the steep drive, although at that point the kitchen knife waved it a fond farewell. It sat there for nearly half a mile along the road, right up until the point where I had a crisis of confidence about the location of Harry’s stroller, and pulled quickly onto the roadside. As I braked, a sharp thump from underneath the car did make me pause for thought – I even had a glance round my tyres after I’d been to check in the back for the stroller.

But not until Hubby politely enquired où est? this afternoon did I start to have a nagging suspicion about what I might have done. I ‘fessed up the possibility, uneasily. He does love that Leatherman. We trailed outside, where the kitchen knife lying on the edge of the drive was a gleaming finger of accusation. I watched as he trudged all the way down the hill, peering hopefully into the long grass. Oh, it was sad. Only then did I remember the thump, and he drove grumpily off down the road on a search and retrieve.

Well, he found it.


Only two of the blades have snapped off completely.  I think it’s still operational, myself.

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  1. Oohh this made me giggle–Mook would be quite upset with me if I broke his man-tools…but then I think he’d laugh=)

  2. Check Leatherman’s website, they may repair it for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Looks good to me! lol NCLM

  4. I agree, looks like it would still work. Mostly.

  5. Whoops! I think that someone is going to have to buy someone else a new one!!!

  6. Ouch! That sounds like a hard one to get out of.

    Here from NCLM. Love the blog and the adorable baby.

  7. A Father’s Day present, perhaps? But you probably don’t have that holiday, do you. Well, then I’m out of suggestions. 🙂

    You have an ADORABLE little son!! Loving those cheeks.

    Here via NaComLeavMo

  8. Oh NO! I have the same leatherman, I use it for “protection” but the only thing I’ve ever hurt with it is myself. Those damn locking blades!

    Thanks for the comment-I agree, the dress was fabulous and I only paid $12 for it at Ross, gotta love that!! 🙂

  9. I know it’s wrong to laugh at your expense, but that was funny. Probably not for your hubby, though!


  10. You are such a crafty devil, the dresser is wicked lovely.
    Needed the laugh, too-thanks!

  11. You are quite funny! I love the way you write!

    Quite crafty aren’t you!! I love the dresser! And am definitely looking forward to seeing the scarecrow you’re making!

  12. oh wow! what a great dresser! love it! You are so creative!! Sorry your scarecrow didn’t win last time!

    here from NaComLeavMo

  13. Oh no!


  14. […] be spent there. I am looking to replace John’s Leatherman, which I may or may not have been responsible for depositing in the middle of a main road and subjecting to heavy vehicle abuse for a day or so. […]

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