You’re It.

The lovely Brenda has rashly said she would like more Hairy Farmer Family info. I shall duly bore you oblige!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?  

Back living with Mum & Dad (bliss!) paying off a monstrous credit card debt, and accordingly having no social life to speak of. A dedicated smoker of Marlboro Lights, and nicely slim. Bah.

2. What 5 things are on your to-do list for today?  

Today is almost over, but I can tell you about tomorrow: find a copy of this week’s Stratford Observer with cute photo of Harry in; return my faulty microwave to Tesco; buy budgie sandpaper and cuttlefish for my tortoise; finish my belly dancer scarecrow; post a cheque for Harry’s swimming lessons. Am only expecting to achieve numbers 1 and 4. I have low expectations of myself these days.

3. List some snacks you enjoy.

Might be easier to ask which ones I don’t enjoy. Chocolate rules pretty supreme here, I feel. And puddings. I also really enjoy a handful of frozen peas, coz I’m weird.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?  

Would just have to give some away. Kingdom of heaven, the eye of the needle, the camel and all that jazz. Not that I would be strong enough to resist the usual minor trappings of obscene wealth… houses cars, horses, personal fitness guru, someone to do my bloody cleaning, etc etc. More specifically, I would like piano lessons from Jools Holland, guitar lessons from Nick Drake (whom I would naturally resurrect for the purpose), Raymond Blanc as our personal chef, a custom-made rocking horse from seasoned Warwickshire oak for Harry’s birthday, a custom-made Liz Cox changing bag, and a new hairdryer coz I think mine’s about buggered. In addition to all of this, I would be obliged to spend several million more than I needed to in buying up the surrounding countryside for John to gleefully farm because Felix Dennis only lives a stone’s throw away and would keep outbidding me in order to grow his Forest of Dennis. Hairy Hubby would also rather like some shiny new tractors. He went to a cereals show yesterday and returned home all brochured-up and wistful.

5. List the places you have lived.

Birmingham, South Warwickshire, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Worcestershire.

Birmingham I don’t remember. The three south Warwickshire houses have all been utterly delightful. Worcestershire, not so much. Newcastle, we had slugs in the sink.

6. List the jobs you have had.

After acquiring an ancient history degree, I was pretty limited in career choices; hence I never made one, and drifted aimlessly instead. I’ve done everything from journalism to pushing mortuary trolleys (occupied) but essentially my background these days is sales and account management.

7.List the names of people you want to know more about:

Please consider yourself the new It!

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  1. Thanks for the embedded links, as though I have lived here for 6 years, I had no clue who Felix Dennis is.

    Ancient history, eh? Employability factors aside, it must have been a fascinating degree to do!

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