1 out of 5 ain’t ba… actually, it’s shit, isn’t it?

Yesterday’s pessimistic prediction regarding progress turned out to be overly-optimistic instead. We would probably have got more done today had we not spent the whole morning snarling and crying at one another. More sleep would have been nice. Or less period pain. My period, back in torrential force following a blissful progesterone-supplement-induced 5 day break (in which we went swimming for the first time with Harry! Yippee!) necessitated a full strip-down of our bed, washing of bloodstained mattress, and consequent pacifying of very awake and disgruntled baby at 3am this morning. You’d think a super-plus tampon and night-time ultra towel would last longer than midnight til 3am and not leak like a bastard thereafter, but apparently not. The two-day tsunami must surely end soon.

Anyhoo, we were all grumpy people this morning, and it wasn’t until after lunch that I tackled my scarecrow. Now, this isn’t the best photo ever. It looks like a sinister cross between a lynching and a stick-em-up, I know.


I will stage her better tomorrow. I haven’t stuffed my Sheik yet (can’t wait to see what google brings me for that one), but he can wait until morning; he’s only a sheet and a headdress.

I managed to rein myself in: I only picked up 5 copies.


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  1. Ohhh, madly having crush on Harry, look at that wry little smile! So adorable. So… wry.

    I’m sorry about the Bloody Leakage. Sometimes, Mother Nature is a cold, heartless object who gets all her kicks from Schadenfreude and the sound of tired anaemic people bickering.

  2. Ugh! You would think that it would be enough coverage! nclm

  3. What a cutie Harry is – people will be flocking to see him not the scarecrows.

  4. Three comments in no particular order. Sorry the baby is sick. If the pups ranked fifth doesn’t that mean that they are the least odd in the pairs? And you had complained in an earlier post about the size of your rear end, thus prompting you to put up the ticker and doing the diet post? Well from one well endowed girl to another, you look just fine, give yourself a break!

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