One Man in a Tractor

The immortal JK Jerome once wrote:

‘You can never rouse Harris. There is no poetry about Harris – no wild yearning for the unattainable. Harris never “weeps, he knows not why.” If Harris’s eyes fill with tears, you can bet it is because Harris has been eating raw onions, or has put too much Worcester over his chop.’

I am married to Harris.

Is anyone else married to Harris?

 PS. Honesty compels me to add that John indignantly repudiates my opinion of his Harris-ness, and claims to think many deep thoughts.

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  1. I think I am married to George, who is so practical, especially about breakfast, and falls asleep with remarkable facility. Do not tell H I said this, as he’d be wounded to his sensitive core. He also cries at sad films, and never was no how a Harris.

    But I am fond of Harrises.

    (Naturally, I always think of myself as a feminine version of J).

  2. Not a Harris in this household, more of an Uncle Podger (retired). In our very first
    brand new house he spent more than 2 and a half hours measuring up for and fixing to the wall one toilet roll holder. With much noise. After all this measuring from the ceiling, from the floor, from sitting position on toilet to ensure it was in the correct spot, he called me in to admire his handiwork. It was lovely – except that you couldn’t shut the toilet door because that holder was in the way.

    He now hires in the help to get these sort of things done so he has recognised his limitation. And I wouldn’t have him any other way either.

  3. I keep trying to track down a copy of Wallace Tripp’s illustrated children’s edition of Uncle Podger, for LESS than the £40 they want for one on Ebay. I’ve seen a couple of pages, and the expressions on Podger’s kids are really quite superb!

  4. I just found your blog via BarrenMare, and hey! I will admit to being married to a Harris. It’s a good balance for me, since I am about as excitable as a purse-dog at a cat show. 🙂

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