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The thing with crawling, you see, is that there appears to be an inherent speed-limit. There is only so fast you can move hands and knees before overcooking it and plunging forward in a spectacular dive. Usually, these moments occur when excitement has reached such an enthralling peak that it begins to impinge on co-ordination. Crawling races with Daddy, for instance, can bring about this particular set of circumstances. Throw in the new and interesting aspect of crawling races on the beach… well, it was always going to end with a face-full of sand.

Lucky that Mummy was on hand to intervene, and wasn’t messing about taking photos of her chaps’ bottoms. Ahem.


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  1. Harry clearly won.

  2. I think you posted this so we can all get a “better” look at your handsome hubby 😉

  3. Hah! Funny you should say that: John is a tiny tad boastful about his bum. He had 1 (one) compliment from a friend’s mother (approx 50 yrs old) about 8 (eight) years ago whilst wearing short (damn nigh indecent, actually) shorts, and it promptly swelled his head so much that he now has trouble in doorways. He does have a nice bottom, as it happens, but he’ll not hear about it from me!!!

  4. Well, don’t tell him this then, but I actually saw this photo and thought to myself, “This man is strangely attractive to me, even though I can’t see his face. Why?”

    (I’m a bit slow on the uptake these days. 16-month-old, no sleep.)

    Actually, the baby is also adorably cute in this photo, although I can’t see his face either. I love the chubby little sprawling legs.

  5. H has a very nice bottom too. Unfortunately I’ve told him so repeatedly. He now takes it for granted. Hah.

    Harry’s little legs are so beautiful I want to NIBBLE them.

    Oops. Did that come out slightly worrying? Sorry.

  6. Is it wrong that I think this is an adorable picture… great wipeout!

  7. Poor Harry eating all the sand 😉

    Mind you, it counts as roughage, right?


  8. I thought they were in the desert, crawling to water before I read the post. 🙂

    I’ve gotta say, you found a good-looking man (two, actually-the shorter one is quite adorable). Don’t let him read your blog comments though!

  9. Gorgeous photo – those little Harry legs all akimbo. Utterly cute. Hope it didn’t take too long to get the sand out of nose, mouth, eyes, ears and hair.

  10. What a great photo! I won’t make another comment about your husband lest you think I’m warm for his form.

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