Blind Baking

My chaps are both loaded with cold and acutely miserable. They have both demanded, in their distinctly individual ways, Extra Boob as a comfort. Harry’s snot is flowing so unstoppably that I have been reminded of a greenly mucosal magic porridge pot; right up until he lies down to sleep, whereupon it promptly mutates into superglue and chokes him. The poor lad is so hoarse he cannot cry loudly enough to make himself heard in the next room; whilst I can feel the first ominous tightening of my own throat. Arghh.

John has managed to combine a few acres today, although it’s now pissing stair rods, so that’s him done for the week. I pounced on his wrist with a loud cry of triumph yesterday, ripping back the sleeve despite his yammering protests, to reveal the first unmistakable blotches of the harvest-stress eczema he repeatedly attempts to deny he suffers from. Hah!

I must scuttle off to tend and succour, but I will leave you firstly with a photo of the cake I made for my friend’s 30th on Saturday, which I was not entirely displeased with. Cough. Dunno why I don’t just come straight out with it and jump up and down clamouring Praise me! Praise me! Praise me more!

I also want to share with anyone who has had a cake Gone Bad (and do post some links if you have immortalised your special culinary moment) this wonderful site. I have had my baking disasters (aesthetic and poisonous) in the past, but these… these are truly awesome.


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  1. The cake. Is. Fabulous. If your friend doesn’t fall down on her knees and worship you, I shall assume there is soemthing morally wrong with her.

    Good luck with the disgustingly unwell men-folk. Urgh. (I get stressy eczema myself. Poor Hairy Farmer. Even if he won’t admit it).

  2. Wow. Just wow. You did that with a husband almost felled entirely by depression over the weather and stress, and a constantly snotty baby? You amazing woman!

  3. That cake is amazing! Absolutely beautifully. Please allow me to fall at your feet and worship you as a culinary goddess!


  4. I am speechless. I may be able to bake a cake but to be able to decorate like that is a skill of the gods (goddesses). AMAZING! Hooray you!

  5. I praise you! That is an awesome cake. Do you have a secret second career as pastry chef? Because you should.

  6. Can I live with you?

  7. Gone into total rapture over cake. Am insanely jealous of your decorating talents. And with two sick males in the house. All hail Mrs Hairy Farmer!

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