Funny Peculiar

The very nice Sam tagged me a little while back for 6 quirky things about me. Compiling the list has not been difficult; merely a challenge to edit, as the list of my oddities is rather long.

1) My hatred towards drivers of BMWs and sport motorbikes is unrelenting and fierce. I almost wish I had one so that I too could behave like an immortal selfish dickhead. However, anyone reading this who owns either of the above is formally permitted to co-exist with me on the road, because blogosphere denizens are special.

2) I am extraordinarily hard to please in the pillow-firmness department. Essentially, only a house-brick with a thin layer of foam will do.

3) I drank oodles of milk during the first six months of Harry’s life, as I was truly convinced – still am! -that it would make my boobs refill quicker than drinking water. Less molecule conversion work, you see. [Sounds Off: Insane laughter from Hubby] 

4) I own – and occasionally play – a banjo. Also a guitar. Those are the nights in which Hubby retreats behind two closed doors and cranks the TV volume up.

5) John is driven wild by the fact that I rarely finish any hot drink, although mightily enjoying the first 5/6ths of them. I have a dim childhood memory of a burst teabag and the resulting horrifying mouthful of tea-leaves.

6) I have two uteri. The full Didelphys monty.

It just don’t get quirkier than that.

Now, I’m always a bit diffident about tagging others, mainly because I’m far too nervous, and also because I’m sure you’ve all been ‘it’ already. If you would like a go at out-performing me in the zany, do feel personally invited to have a crack. You will, though, need to have a very freakishly strange bodily oddity in order to eclipse my didelphys. Anyone want to share…?

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