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The very nice Sam tagged me a little while back for 6 quirky things about me. Compiling the list has not been difficult; merely a challenge to edit, as the list of my oddities is rather long.

1) My hatred towards drivers of BMWs and sport motorbikes is unrelenting and fierce. I almost wish I had one so that I too could behave like an immortal selfish dickhead. However, anyone reading this who owns either of the above is formally permitted to co-exist with me on the road, because blogosphere denizens are special.

2) I am extraordinarily hard to please in the pillow-firmness department. Essentially, only a house-brick with a thin layer of foam will do.

3) I drank oodles of milk during the first six months of Harry’s life, as I was truly convinced – still am! -that it would make my boobs refill quicker than drinking water. Less molecule conversion work, you see. [Sounds Off: Insane laughter from Hubby] 

4) I own – and occasionally play – a banjo. Also a guitar. Those are the nights in which Hubby retreats behind two closed doors and cranks the TV volume up.

5) John is driven wild by the fact that I rarely finish any hot drink, although mightily enjoying the first 5/6ths of them. I have a dim childhood memory of a burst teabag and the resulting horrifying mouthful of tea-leaves.

6) I have two uteri. The full Didelphys monty.

It just don’t get quirkier than that.

Now, I’m always a bit diffident about tagging others, mainly because I’m far too nervous, and also because I’m sure you’ve all been ‘it’ already. If you would like a go at out-performing me in the zany, do feel personally invited to have a crack. You will, though, need to have a very freakishly strange bodily oddity in order to eclipse my didelphys. Anyone want to share…?

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  1. I didn’t even know you could have 2 uteri! Wow!

    I would step up, but I’ve already done this one.

  2. hey, you did the quirky things meme!! I did find it hard to find people that hadn’t already done this and as it turned out I tagged someone that had already done it a couple of times!!!

    That mouthfull of tealeaves does not sound very nice!! (reminds me of the time when Nana put rice in my tea instead of sugar!!!)

  3. Mate, I am the worst kind of commenter. I’m goiing to admit that I’ve blatantly not read this post but I really wanted to say thorugh the mist of f*cked up stress with trying to care for two babies, one in hospital than I’m thinking of you and I SHALL do better than this lame effort at my next comment, because you rule,



  4. Wait, are there people that even drink the dregs in the cup? Seriously? I’m only one of your adopted countrymen and I know that you simply must leave a bit in the cup. Doing otherwise is repugnant.

    As for a messed up body part…my little toes are all kinds of effed up. I call them my popcorn toes, as they are tiny bloated puffs of flesh which serve no purpose. They hardly have a toenail. Feet are gross at the best of times, and these do feet no favours.

  5. I’m flummuxed by the many uterusesesesesi!

  6. wow. Do you bleed from both??? Ovulate from both? Double pms???

  7. Certainly do! I think so. And oh, baby, so yes!

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