Busy Busy Busy

I’ve done it again. Why did I think that I could manage A) an off-colour, moody baby, B) a menstrual tsunami of biblical proportions and C) entering nine classes at Moreton Show? Because, clearly, I was wrong.

OK. Let’s think through this logically. The stuff needs taking over to Moreton late tomorrow afternoon.

Of the 6 photography classes, we have finished buggering about with the photos we are entering in 3.


The other 3 need more tinkering with in the morning, because I’ve had enough for one night. And the 3 black & white photos require mounting. Which necessitates, probably, a trip to town tomorrow morning for mounts. Which is ok, because I have to go anyway to get the damn things printed out.

I have finished my decorated cake. Check. Phew

I have not made my Victoria Sponge. I will do this… tomorrow morning? After I fettle the photos, print them out and buy the mounts. 

I have made two separate lots of jam in the last 2 days, and burnt both of them. My sanity stuck its heels in and refused to make a third lot, so I have bottled the bastard stuff anyway. My jar of plum – we shall still call it jam, ok, coz you can’t have plum toffee – is, I assure you, not going to win. I hope the judges have no pre-existing loose molars.

I have also belatedly realised that I am committed to attending a local playgroup for 2 hours… tomorrow morning.

la la la…

[giggles oddly]

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