All Hallows Eve

Dear me! It’s all so very American! The costumes! The pumpkins! The economy-size tubs of sweets! The legalised thuggery! When I was a kid Mum occasionally used to make toffee apples that’d take your fillings out, and I’d mess about with a bucket of water and an apple. One year I had a witches hat, and I was quite pathetically excited about it. Sigh. Tempus Fugit, and all that. 

Having said all that, I did toy with the idea of dressing Harry all in red, providing him with a small toy trident and standing him appealingly on next-door’s doorstep, whilst I ring the bell and hide.  But I reasoned that since we live in the arse-end of beyond, the Delightful Doctors are our only possible target for the annual demanding-of-money-and-chocolate-with-menaces – so in a couple of years, Harry will most likely be hitting them several times in an evening, with a quick costume change between-times. Ergo, we’d best leave them in peace while we still can.

I eventually managed to acquire a second pumpkin – half the size and twice the price of mine – at 4.50pm this afternoon. Town was Out Of Pumpkins. Hubby was distinctly unenthusiastic about taking up the challenge – oddly, he seemed to think that you were all biased in favour of mine already – but duly stabbed away with a kitchen knife for 20 minutes. I think it’s fair to say that he wasn’t actually expecting to win… but fate has unexpectedly come to his aid, because WordPress are sheepishly admitting that their PollDaddy gadget thingy isn’t currently working. Lucky man.

Hubby’s scary ghost chappy.

Ann’s scary face with rather singed stitches.

This will mean absolutely bugger-all to non-UKers, but I’m grouchily pissed off tonight, as I was rather looking forward to seeing David Attenborough (who is something of a personal deity of mine) on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I am left with 100 channels of rubbish and a snoring hubby instead.

Dear Aunty Beeb,

I like Wossy. Dock his wages if you must – because, oh my, that was indeed a very brainless set of remarks – but don’t suspend the chap from coming to work! Who will I listen to tomorrow morning? 

Greatly Miffed of Warwickshire.

P.S. Wogan must not be allowed to retire. Or die.

P.P.S My period is trying to start again, a mere 5 days after finishing. I realise that you can do absolutely nothing about this, but I have paid my licence fee, and therefore I expect you to listen.

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