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So… umm… does anyone fancy a pint? Or, you know, we could really push the boat out and… do lunch. I don’t really have any usable weekends this side of Christmas, but the HFF’s calendar in January is looking like old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, and I really fancy a bloggy get-together. Kind of like a BlogHer party, but on a miniature scale and (sadly) without the swish corporate sponsorship. In fact, cross-pollinate BlogHer with a pub lunch (a rough-as-arseholes pub, too, coz I shall be flat broke) and there you are. London seems the logical location… I know May is keen… so how about it? Wanna come?

Email hairyfarmer at with some dates if you’re up for it.

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  1. London is a little far from sunny Sheffield for lunch I’m afraid so I’ll have to pass!

  2. It’s even further from California!

  3. Good grief how I wish I could come. I could certainly use a drink right now! And I’d love the company.

  4. The tyrrany of distance….

    Heavy sigh…


  5. Would absolutely love to, if not for the whole other-side-of-the-world thing.

  6. Buggrit, I’d be there like a shot as well. If only I had a spare $3K lying about. And it weren’t summer here and winter there. Let me know the date and I’ll pour my own pint and shake out a packet of salt and vinegar crisps so I can play “Let’s pretend”.

  7. Sigh. Distance, Smistance.
    I mean, I’M prepared to get on a train for a WHOLE 80 MINUTES to get to this gig… and you people won’t get on a plane for one measly day and one fleeting night?
    GAH! Shame on you.

  8. I live there, and I will totally get ont he tube for 40 minutes. SO.

  9. When you typed “May”, I hopefully latched onto the concept of the MONTH vs the person; I will ponder coming over for Hubby’s cousin’s wedding (unsure of exact date in May!)…

  10. I think I shall be 5,000 months pregnant at the time. And likely still living in California. Hmph. Lunch sounds so nice, too.

  11. I should have been caught up on my blog reading before my whinging post of yesterday. Now I feel the pressure to be vastly interesting and humorous in person, and…ugh.

    I did email you awhile ago in reply to one you sent me to say that I would be up for meeting with you, May, Helen, and any other comers. You say you have to get a train, I’d probably get a bloody bus because that’s how we roll down here on the coast. Trains are for posh-os. Posh-o’s? Whatever.

    Anyway, I’m up for it. I will forewarn you that as I’m not a drinker, it is most unlikely that I’ll get tipsy and feel anyone up or snog. I suspect that might make you a bit less enthusiastic about this.

  12. I’m in.

    It’s worth an hour train ride.

    And I’m going to get us all drunk so we can snog Pru, whose breath and “I love you man” behaviour will definitely be above par. The scandal, it’ll be worth it.

  13. Can I come?

  14. OK ladies, I’m going to look at the calendar (when I’m sober tomorrow. Hiccup.) and figure out some dates. We’re so gonna do this!

  15. I am there in spirit.

  16. It’s a bit far for me too, but I’ll raise a G&T to you from home!

  17. I’m late in commenting. But I’ve been away.

    So yeah. I’m a bit, gulp, what if we don’t get on in real life, but I reckon I’m in. Sod that, I’m well in.

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