An Idle Hour

I discovered a strange site a little while ago. Whilst one or two of the items featured exceed my personal bad-taste tolerance – the earrings in particular – I loved the Angel and the Ghost.

I am often too sleepy in the mornings to notice quite what Harry has got hold of when he is busily beetling around our bedroom; he has spent 15 minutes happily conducting an invisible philharmonic with my ovulation peestick before now. More recently, his target has been a box of assorted tampax and my entire collection of sanitary towels.  

As I had the raw materials – now strewn widely across the bedroom floor – I thought I would have a play.



Do not worry. I shall not be sending these out for Pay It Forward…


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  1. Oh man, those earrings…

    But liking your little ladies.

  2. None of these, by the way, are as good as the photo of the sanitary towel slippers that sent me – but it is on the carked laptop, and I cannot show it to you.

  3. What people won’t do with too much time on their hands…the heart earrings are pretty revolting. I guess whatever inspires you to create art can’t be all bad.

    It looks like a nice day for sailing, followed by a lovely soiree, in your neck of the woods.

  4. That is AWESOME!!!! I love how your mind is bent. You really, really are my favorite.

    Hey, you mentioned how much you live ICHCB…thought I might pass on a few other linkys:

    Might help when the LOLCatz are taking a break. 🙂


  5. BWAHAHAA!!!

    Have you seen THIS site?

    A lot of the things on there are in VERY poor taste, but soooo funny! Thought you might enjoy it (think Cakewrecks, but multi-genre).

  6. Oh good, I was just feeling like a slattern for allowing Flann to play with a box o’ Tampax so I could have a quiet pee. I love the Kotex sailboat, adrift on the Kotex sea….

  7. I’d say the R&D department at Procter and G@mble never visualised these as a possible use for their products.

    As for the sanitary towel art, you have too much time on your hands, missus!

  8. Haha – Pob loves playing with tampons and sanitary towels, I wonder why? We can let both of them loose in my bathroom tomorrow if you like…

  9. Oh my God, I just blogged the exact same thing today.

    And it’s all your fault. I saw that damn tampon angel and went a little mad.

  10. My dear girl, you are barking and I love you for it.

  11. Between your post and Helen’s today, I’m really wondering what we’re up against for tomorrow.

    On the topic of such products, I went to Boots yesterday and genuinely thought about getting two packs of pads and two boxes of tampons because they were both in two-fer deals. I then backed out because I was worried that the guy at the till would really wonder what was going on down there in order to require such heavy munitions.

  12. How delightfully nauseating!

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