Going Uphill

Have realised with a shock that we are going on holiday on Monday and the dirty washing pile closely resembles Mont not-quite Blanc. Am madly looking forward to it, despite the fact that I have finally caught Harry’s sniffle and Wales is forecast to be bitterly cold and rather snowy. But don’t you worry about us traversing those treacherous mountain passes, people, because I drive a 4×4.

Wifey: ‘FFS! You’ve been on the bloody net forever. Gerroff.’

Hubby: ‘You never know, I could be ordering your Valentine’s present.’

Wifey: ‘Oooh!’

Hubby: ‘Of course, you’ve already had your birthday present.’

Wifey: ‘I have?’

Hubby: ‘I bought a new battery for your car.’

Wifey: ‘Oh.’

Hubby: ‘I think I shall get you a new driveshaft for Valentine’s day.’

Wifey: ‘Do I need a new driveshaft?’

Hubby: … (pause)… ‘We’ll find out on the way to Wales.’


Harry used his first sign today. He got it fairly wrong, poor lad, but I knew what he meant – ‘More!’ – and dutifully handed over another blueberry. This breakthough so soon has cheered me up a tiny bit, because I lay awake until 3.30am last night getting increasingly wound up and upset. I had a cursory attempt at Googling informing myself about various speech and language problems yesterday and realised in the process that Harry has not, in fact, ever spoken a spontaneous word, in or out of context. What he has done – twice – is perfectly echo the last sound he has heard. It seems that the two are rather separate things, and explains why he has never repeated either word – he had never learnt them to begin with.

Hubby is confident  – as usual – that All Will Be Fine Eventually, and, Mulder-like, I want to believe. I really do. But I’m a natural Scully. I’m horribly uneasy, and that’s a feeling which has been justified all too often in the past. I’m scared of the S&LT turning up Tuesday week and telling us that Harry’s babble is still formless, and light years away from speech. I want her to reassure us that he’s almost there. That he’s not struggling as much as I dread he is. That he’s on the very cusp of breaking out into some solid vocab. That I’ll be hearing ‘Wuv you, Mummy!’ by the summer.

Hell, I’d even enjoy ‘Hate you, Mummy!’ at the moment.


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  1. Have a lovely holiday. Good to see the romance isn’t dead anyway … kinda

  2. In America, a driveshaft for a Valentine’s present would be a euphemism. I think you can figure it out.

  3. Well then, I say buy him a dress and some good smelly bath stuff for his V. present. My birthday is the 16th, and I always get gypped. I once bought my husband a pony for Christmas because he bought me window tint for the car. I thought it seemed appropriate, at the time, anyway.

  4. My birthday is the 15th – which leaves ample scope for male economy.

    Hubby usually tells his friends that he buys me a matching underwear set: A Valentine Bra and Birthday knickers. Actually, he doesn’t even do that!

  5. Have a lovely time in Wales! Hooray for using the signs – he is wanting to communicate with you which is great.

    Try not to think about S&LT while you’re away and enjoy your time out!

  6. Yes, enjoy the lovely holiday in Wales and leave the S&LT stuff packed in box on your kitchen bench. *Sigh* I love Wales, wish I was going with you. We’ve been enduring searing days from the backblocks of hell…a few days of snow would be luverly.

  7. I hope that all will be fine. But I think it’s a good idea, as you know, to push to understand what’s going on and get as much help as you can, help to help you help Harry, or frankly, help just for you, you have a lot going on.

    Have you thought of asking John to get you a voucher for a cleaning service, or for a big order from ‘cook’? or something smilar? might appeal to his practical side…

  8. HH IS a romantic, isn’t he? I was thrilled to my toes reading about that drive shaft. Although staying alive and warm and not being stranded is really kind of romantic in a way so I suppose it’s not too bad.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday. Hooray for Harry using his first sign! Wrong or not that’s got to be a sign that things are clicking away in there, right?

  9. That dialogue is simply rife with double entendre.

    I hope S&LT gives you some clues as to what’s going on. Perhaps he is simply one of those incredibly mechanically-minded lads who will speak late but will solve quadratic equations by age four? Either way, I hope you soon have an end to the sleepless worried-filled nights.

  10. Just wanted to chime in on the speech thing, as my oldest nephew didn’t really talk for the longest time. He babbled for ages and it was incomprehensible to everyone until he was at least 2, and gradually it started getting clearer and clearer. He’s now 5, very articulate and into letters and writing and all the pre-reading stuff. At one point, we realized that although we couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time, he would mimic inflection and rhythm very well, but couldn’t make the sounds very clear. We all just worked with him on articulating sounds and waited it out and eventually, he just caught up to wherever he was “supposed” to be.

    So you’re not alone. Wishing you peace with it all and some clarity from the S&LT.

  11. That is really really good news about the sign – sounds like he’s wanting to communicate but just can’t quite make it with speech.

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