I suspect…

…that I have been outed.


Bugger, bugger, fuck.


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  1. That’s not good. I hope you had a good time on your vacation, anyway.

  2. Damn and blast – that must be really horrible. Sorry. Did you get any holiday or was it all snow, snow , snow?

  3. Ruh-roh! All those archives I someday planned to read! Alas. I hope the snowy south was lovely, though.

  4. The archives may return, albeit edited.
    Currently running Operation Kneejerk.
    I do not understand how I have been found!

  5. Ack! Horrible!

    I hope someone has just blindly stumbled too close to the truth and that we’ll see you in this space (or another) again.

  6. Oh dear, is it someone you really don’t want here?
    (If you’re going private/password protected/elsewhere, you know where I am…)

  7. Ooops. What now? Password protected – only your faithful commentors allowed to read?

    How was Wales?

  8. Perhaps crack out a password on sensitive posts? that’s what I do,



  9. Eeeek! I agree you could go passworded. We can’t lose you!

    Hope Wales was ok and you didn’t freeze to death! xoxo

  10. Passwords. Passwords passwords passwords. And let me have them.

    Hugs. Because, sheesh. That SUCKS. OW.

  11. Ugh isn’t that the worst feeling?? What I did was to move and invite people to email me if they wanted to know where I was. Plus I pwd identifying posts.

  12. Eeeek! I agree, secret squirrel password on the posts that need it. We can’t lose you!

    I would die if ever I was found. DIE. There is way too much crap on my blog for it to be even remotely safe for public consumption.

  13. Oh HF Wifey I am so sorry that this has happened. It scares the bejeebers out of me and I barely write about anything controversial because I don’t want the dysfunctional gene pool that hosts some of my family would have a field day with it.

    And yes, I would happily accept a password if that’s what’s needed.

  14. The unrelenting here has fried my grammar brain. The end of that second sentence should read “family to have a field day with it.”

    Forgive me.

  15. Who do I need to smack?

    What can I do?

  16. Ah bollocks. Hate that. By who? Password protect? Start again elsewhere? Let us know.

  17. Ker-RAP! Sorry to hear about it.
    I too would appreciate a password if that’s the way it goes…

  18. I am shocked and horrified. (that is what we say in our family when something really bad happens, and this certainly qualifies.) Even my family and sweet husband doesn’t read my angst ridden drivel, I can’t imagine letting the rest of my family have acess. But please continue to write, I cannot imagine a world without your great humor in it, and password, password, password is the way to go. Or set up shop else where if you must, just keep writing!

  19. Yes, please don’t go away. Really love your blog and sense of humour.

  20. I would also love a password if you decide to go that route.

    I hope there are no unfortunate repercussions!

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