Hello. Again.

I am enormously flattered by the pleading comments. My head is barely sliding through the doorway; although that could, admittedly, also be caused by my holiday arse snagging the frame. I also now know why Sinatra had so many farewells…

I thought the odds of anyone I knew personally googling or stumbling across this blog accidentally were absolutely miniscule, as my surname appears nowhere. (I accepted that if anyone DID find it, the content would be so immediately recognisable as mine, that suppressing our first names and photos was pointless. I think the psychiatrists might label that ‘rationalisation’, mind you – I do so love exploiting showing you all our young heart-throb.) However, I had entered my location into my Twitter profile, not realising that you can search any location for Twitterers in the vicinity. Imagine my surprise when a real-life local friend suddenly began following HairyFarmer! The big question is: did they follow the URL link in the profile before I whipped it off? 

It’s not the end of my virtual world, and I don’t intend to run off. But I’ve taken fright a little bit at how easily I’ve been located and I don’t feel nearly as confident about the security of this space as I was. I am having to re-read everything I have written and subject it to new scrutiny criteria.

 However, despite the anxiety (anxious? moi?!) I’ve realised that this blog and its visitors have become tremendously important to me over the past ten months, and you will have to bury me before I stop talking.

I think I see Hubby with a spade.

 *NB* Apologies if the old posts look like new ones as they re-appear. Wrastling madly with WordPress and my own wordiness here!


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  1. I think I’d feel the same way. It’s not that I write anything that it really matters if someone who does know me reads, but at the same time once you’d found my blog if you knew me then you’d know I wrote it. I make sure I don’t use my last name, name my school or even my city but never the less….
    If Kez did find you then I hope she lets you know, and hopefully promises to keep a secret!

  2. Bit of a heart stopping moment! Welcome back. So how was the holiday?

  3. Password the girly bit posts :). As long as you share the password!xx


  4. This actually happened to my sister, and she and my dad stopped talking for like a month. My aunt found her online, and copied/pasted some stuff out of context and sent it on to my dad. We decided she was an idiot, and I had to intervene with my dad and my sister. They’re talking again, now, but sis is using a pw from now on!

  5. Ooo I hope I get a password! I’ve only commented a couple of times but Katie (View From The Hill Katie) can vouch for me! Glad you’re not disappearing…

  6. I wondered about the Twitter-vs.-anonymity issue, back when a Twitter with your real name appeared via the feed in the corner of your blog a while back. I’ve also seen that happen with a few other blogs. Wait, maybe I shouldn’t have written this? Ulp. Delete this comment if necessary, and bury it in a shallow grave out back of the barn….

    Anyway, I hope I get your (impressively intellectual and obscure) password and the privilege to keep vicariously enjoying life chez Hairy.

  7. I’ve removed my last name from Twitter because of this very reason. I love my on-line friends and I love that I can tell all without having to explain eighty-bazillion other things. Most things on my blog I’d tell my close friends no problem but not my family which is a tad weird but so be it!

    Glad you’re not disapearing!

  8. Yay, welcome back!

    I take ‘refuge’ in the fact that my family are mostly internet-clueless, and anyway, my sister thinks blogs are self-indulgent drivel. Ah ha ha ha. I suppose this will backfire spectacularly one day. Bridge, cross, burn, if and when applicable.

    And please please pretty fluttering-eyelashes please may I have the password?

  9. “A private extension of my inner thoughts and musings.” I couldn’t have put it better myself! So glad you are not leaving us, my dear. And thanks for the heads-up about Twitter, too. Eeek!

  10. I panicked once because a visitor from the University popped up on my Statcounter during work hours. Once I gracefully gathered my heart from the floor, I realised it was me. Dipshit.

    I’m just glad that this person who may or may not now be acquainted with your blog is a good person, not one bent on ill-will and gossip. I mean, I am like that, and you don’t want to even guess what I’ve been saying about you…

  11. I’d like the password too. I enjoy your pontifications whole-heartedly.

  12. I have never posted on your blog before, but have been following you since I found it on the MA board about 9 months ago (I am also UD)if you do decide to password protect, I would love to have access.

    Your blog always seems to make me laugh and I would miss not getting to keep up to date with you and Harry.

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