Bad Uteri

My uteri are playing silly buggers. They have spent the last 3 days fighting like cat and dog, and I’m fed up. It feels like some fool has given them a Wii, and now they’re boxing seven shades of myometrium out of one another. I am also, perhaps unsurprisingly, spotting, and there is absolutely no good reason why this should be happening. None at all. I have lost track of my precise dates, but I had an absolute humdinger of a period in early-mid February time. I am not pregnant. I am not obviously ovulating. (Although I shall scurry off happily to pee on something at bedtime. Probably a peestick, unless I get very over-excited.) I am not breastfeeding any more, or any less, than I was last month… so I am feeling quite cross about it.

And now I am going to bed early, courtesy of a pounding headache, grinding uteri, and a a big old tired-sicky feeling. I have spent most of today an hour and a half’s drive down the M5, visiting a isolated, baby-blues stricken, worried family member and her exceedingly nomnomnom-able 4 month old baby; he has decided that Milk Is For Wimps and is currently trying to sustain himself on fresh air instead. I had a good nuzzle on his beautifully warm baby-fuzzed head, and decided that I’d better try for another one after all.

Umm. Yes, I do appear to be changing my mind on a daily basis about this.

Bare Bear with me.


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  1. Come join May and me in the trying state. Good luck!

  2. HELLO

    just realised (if I haven’t said so before) we will be in your neck of the woods (parental homes) for a family reeling,writhing and fainting in coils session aka paternal birthday mid-April – probably 17th-19th.

    You have my email, drop me a line if you can bear to see me, would be glad of an escape!

  3. so much to say.
    First: “Probably a peestick, unless I get very over-excited” ok, calm it lass, stick to that that is made for peeing on.

    Two: Phew for your friend baby’s heart-beat.

    Three: I always feel the need to feed up friends when they are going through emotional traumas too.

    Four: Hope the early night helped.

  4. Your poor body – it does try to betray you on a regular basis doesn’t it?

    And phew on your friends’ scan!

  5. I am so glad your friend’s scan went well!

    And I hope your uteri to leave one another alone so poor you can get a break!

  6. I only have one naughty uterus. That’s quite enough.


  7. So glad your friend’s scan came out okay! Whew! I’ll be thinking of your other friend; the one with the baby blues. I’ve had a few friends go through the same thing; it’s no joke, that’s for sure. Tough times.

    Sending some “cease and desist” motions to your uteri. Can’t imagine how you wrangle two…one is more than enough for me!


  8. I’m so pleased about your friend’s scan – I got that sinking feeling from your last post and I am glad the runes were wrong.

    I think I would be totally on Mr HFF’s friend’s side here. Old friends have first dabs on my loyalty over scheming adulterers. I am a firm believer in ending stuff before starting new things.

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