So. I’ve been chuntering on for a long while now about Harry’s difficulties in walking for more than a few feet, yes? Well, although I’ve not got around to posting it yet, his new boots have helped his walking substantially. He’s been falling over quite a bit less.

Except he can’t walk at all now. Not one single fucking step.

Because I took him to the park, and helped him to clamber up the steps to the slide that is probably too steep, and several feet too long, for a 19 monther. And I watched from the top of the steps as he slid down several times on his tummy, feet first, with a smile that lit up the cloudy afternoon, before running back around to me where I was waiting on the steps to help him climb.

He slid down again, disappearing from my view half-way. And didn’t reappear at the bottom. Dozens of people in the busy park all stopped and looked to see who was emitting the shrieks of pain.

When I ran round to see what had happened, I found him wedged at a horrible angle, half-way down the slide, with his left ankle stuck up by his ear. He cried and cried and cried. After I had cuddled him tight I tried to put him down; he took one step and collapsed. And he cried some more. And tried to stand again. And couldn’t. He looked at me piteously, in total puzzlement and distress, and held up his arms to be carried instead.

The local minor injuries nurse looked at him with me. We agreed he was in pain. We agreed it was his left leg. Where on his left leg, though, puzzled us both. Paediatric x-ray should be limited to the smallest possible area, so looking at the whole leg on spec was not in his best interests. She told me she couldn’t properly diagnose the problem area, although her instinct was telling her that it was muscular/tendon in nature, and not a greenstick. She left it up to me whether to take him to our district hospital for a (probable) several-hour wait to be seen, or see how he went overnight.

He’d stopped crying – unless he attempted anything ambitious, like, you know, standing – at this point, so I brought him home. I Calpol-ed him to the max and fed him all the treats that I usually dole out by strict rationing for tea. He was insanely frustrated and miserable about his non-ambulatory status,but went down to sleep quietly enough, and we shall see how he goes through the night.

The Family Doctor/Sports Injury Specialist contingent of the Delightful Doctors Next Door has told me to bring Harry over very first thing tomorrow if he still can’t walk, and he will try to assess exactly what the trouble is.  Have I mentioned recently that our neighbours are awesome?

 My poor little boy. Why does everything happen to you? And why can’t I suffer your pain for you?

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  1. Poor little chicken.

  2. Ohhh, Harry, oh, you poor poor little lad. Oh, sweetheart.

    And a huge drink and a huge cuddle and a huge box of chocolates for your poor mother, as I think watching your baby in pain rates 11 (yes! The dial goes up to 11!) on the Shit That Sucks scale.

  3. Ohh, poor baby! I can tell you, though, that little ones his age are generally pretty flexible, (hence the reason some mothers start their daughters dancing at this age) so hopefully it really is just muscular in nature and not broken. If he’s able to move the leg and try to stand, I’m guessing it’s probably not broken. Hope the x-rays back me up!

  4. Ouch! Poor sausage! I have seen that happen before on a slide and it wasn’t fun for anyone. You must have been beside yourself. Hopefully the super neighbour will have sensible stuff to say tomorrow.

  5. Oh, honey. For both of you.

    I think I may care more about Harry than any other little boy I read about on the big wide web, not because I am an insane stalker (I promise) but because of how well you write about him, especially those vulnerabilities one feels as a parent. I hope he feels better soon. And please don’t feel badly for letting him go down that slide in the first place; a lot of being a mother seems to be letting your child test the boundaries of what he can do, and it’s really hard to tell sometimes where those boundaries lie until you have hindsight.

    (And hurrah for your neighbors!)

  6. Poor Harry! I am always worried when my daughter goes down the slide – she likes to stick her feet out on the sides and I have feared that the foot would end up by her ear. I hope it’s nothing more than a sprain and he’ll be back to climbing in no time.

    Sounds like your neighbors are excellent…

  7. Oh Harry! Poor baby! I hope he feels much better after a night of rest and that nothing is broken. So glad you have the lovely Neighbors, so sad you had to consult them. 😦

    xoxoxoxox (extra for Harry)

  8. Sending all muy antipodean healthy leg vibes to the ultimate cuteness that is the adventurous young Harry. Hope he wakes up with his leg all better.

    As for long suffering you, several deep breaths, a good cup of tea and some chocolate might help. My accident prone son has managed to damage several important joints as well as breaking various bones and I know all about feeling their pain. Part of the parenting price, bugger it.

  9. Poor wee one. He has such rotten luck, the little guy. Give him a cuddle from all three of us?

  10. Do you have baby Motrin in England? It is wonderful as it is an anti-inflammatory, which at this point may be what he will need.
    He is very flexible at this age so my guess is no lasting damage, but the pain he felt may keep him from wanting to weightbear on that leg (makes sense to me). Of course it may not hurt in a day or two especially if any swelling etc, has a chance to go down. So if you have Motrin or another baby approved anti-inflammatory, ask the dear doctors next door about advisability of Harry having some on a routine basis for a day or so.
    I am very flexible, due to the connective tissue disorder and this is the what I do if I have damaged or have swelling because I have overextended a joint. Hope it helps.
    And hugs to you. Do not blame yourself, mothering is not for the faint of heart.

  11. ooh poor harry. I hope he is much better in the morning and that you’ve got plenty of treats in the house for the rest of the night to soothe your troubled soul. Miserable experience to go through for both of you.

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