He still can’t walk. He is highly, highly pissed off about it.

Awesome Dr Neighbour came round at 7.30am this morning and had a good look at Harry’s mobility, followed by a scientific prod in his hip region. Harry obligingly yelped a little, officially confirming a diagnosis of Gammy Left Hip; essentially, Harry’s joint has been yanked about and strained, but he didn’t think the damage was sinister. He estimated that Harry might start to put some weight on the leg Wednesday, and perhaps be starting to toddle again on Thursday. He’s invariably dead right about these sort of things, and we waved to him fairly happily as he drove off to his next bunch of patients, who are all considerably larger than Harry, being, as they are, an entire rugby team. 

After a few painful, unsuccessful attempts to walk, Harry has consented to crawl instead. This looked odd for a moment or two, but because he’s hardly changed facially in the 5 months he’s been walking, I adjusted pretty quickly. 

Harry felt differently. We have passed through Puzzled, Indignant, Frustrated, Tetchy, and Meltdown. We have watched an imperial shitload of TV. We have looked at every book he owns, several times. We have played anything – lego, click-clack cars, telephones – that involved sitting quite still. Mum came over for a while in order for me to go to the gym, but I seemed to weasel out somehow, and spent the time loading the dishwasher instead.

Bloody slides.

Oh, and the little boy that Harry played all day Wednesday with?

Now has Chicken Pox.

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  1. Oh no! Strained hip and possible chicken pox? And you missed a chance to get out of the house…even if it was only to the gym? Of course, it may be better for him to have chicken pox before he can properly whine at you for days on end. Good luck

  2. Ah well, if you’re going to get chicken pox, this is the best age.


  3. I’m only reading this now. The poor little tyke. As the others say, it’s probably best to get the chicken pox over and done with, even though it’s horrible when they are going through it. Not much fun for you either 😦

  4. Poor, poor boy. When exactly did Harry’s friend break out with his pox? Do you think Harry might have missed the 24 hours before period? I hope so, because he sure doesn’t need anything else this month!
    One activity he may enjoy and may help heal his hip are warm epsom salt baths daily. They feel wonderful on strained muscles and joints and he may feel like he is swimming as the salts make the water slippery. So it is great to enjoy on his belly, splashing!

  5. Chicken pox are SO not coming anywhere near you. You and Harry have had enough of the crapstorm this week. Poor little mite and his strained hip. I’ve been cavalier about my own boy and slides that are probably too tall for him, so I will take this as a lesson. I hope he’s back on his feet soon.

  6. Oh, poor baby! I can tell ya from personal experience, a strained hip flexor HURTS…

  7. Bless the poor lad, at least it’s not broken, but still, how vile for him. Poor tired fed-up aching little chap. How I shower him with Get Well Soon kisses.

    The chicken-pox thing. NOT FUNNY. Dear God please no, not the chicken-pox as well. It may be a good age to get them, etc etc, but ONE THING AT A TIME, UNIVERSE. With decent breathers in between please.

  8. Chicken pox?! That’s just not fair. I mean, really. Sheesh.

    I’m hoping for a better tomorrow, A. And sending you a huge load of hugs.


  9. Hopefully you can avoid the chicken pox straightaway – although you will probably be looking for a child with it before too long.

  10. I am at one with Harry. I, too, have passed through PIFTM with the surgically mangled feet – more than once. And have developed an infected toe as well. So, if those poxy fowl bacteria are anywhere in the vicinity of the injured Puddle of Cuteness that is Harry, then I say to them…bugger off. Now!

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