Chew Toy

I’m a bit short on time today, but I thought I’d quickly show you my now-ruined spare tyre after it had been to the safari park.


You know, the one the LIONESS TOTALLY CHEWED. 



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  1. Well. I hope you had a good time. That’s a story that can keep on giving…

  2. Oh no. Aren’t you allowed to shoot if they’re “coming toward you with the intent to cause harm?” But, I’m a tacky American with some previously established violent tendencies. That was my kneejerk. All joking aside, I would have been less than happy at this turn of events. Maybe next time, pay for the tour where you ride THEIR buses.

  3. I guess that means you had Wild Fun? Sorry, could not help myself. I will step away from the laptop now. Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Sue the park! Get the entry fee back.

    Hmmm, less litigiously, it is kinda cool.

    Did Harry know what was going on (and were you tempted to reverse)?

  5. I blame Harry. Such a tasty-looking child.

  6. Wow.

  7. It probably smelled like fresh lamb…

  8. Oh sure. Blame the lionness. Be all “The safety of myself and my young child!” It’s all about your tyre here. What about the lionness, I ask you? What about her needs? Do you have any idea how much lionness dummies cost? No? Well you should do. They’re not cheap, the least you could do is offer up your tyre.

    I’m starting a new foundation. “Buy Dummies For Dangerous Felines”. It’ll kick Sports Relief’s ass.

  9. Ooooo. That’s exciting. I wish I had a lioness-chewed tire. Sigh.

  10. Ummmm crap. That is scary!

  11. That’s nothing. You should see my lion-chewed former colleague.


    Sorry. On unholy mixture of clomid, caffeine and black chocolate. Anything more exciting than Michael Aspell must be shrieked at.

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