I went into the GPs surgery this afternoon to pick up my referral paperwork, only to find that A Mistake had occurred. Apparently my referral was too complicated to let me choose my own gynae after all, and my letter has gone direct to Warwick. I was, admittedly, listening to the conversation through two half-open doors, but it sounded horribly like I have been referred to a Mr Savonarola. This seems ominous: Savonarola was a rather misogynistic-sounding Dominican monk, circa late 1400s. I’m really rather hoping this chap isn’t a direct descendant.

Updated to add:

Ahhhhhhh! Mr Steven Olah!

God, I love the internet.

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  1. Yup its a wonderful thing.

  2. Sounds a bit like Savlon and you don’t want that anywhere near those bits!

  3. Ah. I must have bollocksed up your password, or I’ve remembered it wrong or I’ve changed it but I can’t reas the post below. I’m going to assume it was somewhat related to this one, but jucier. 🙂


  4. I’m not sure if I sent out an email for the password or not. I can not brain today, I have the dumb.

  5. Well, Savonarola was one of those renaissance churchmen who didn’t, rather than one of those renaissance churchmen who did.

    Still, very high on the list of people one would not want anywhere near one’s lady-bits. Or any other bits for that matter. But particularly one’s…

    Oh, you get the point.



  6. Crap. Lost your password. Please can I have?

  7. *Mind goes ‘pop’ at thought of gynae called Savonarola.*

  8. […] because I have a gynae hospital appointment tomorrow afternoon with a Mr Sorinola, as opposed to Mr Steven Olah, the other consultant gynae, or Mr Savonarola, the 15thC Dominican monk I initially confused him […]

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