Flogging a Dead Horse

You may remember me telling you about Harry’s (usually, but not always, nappied) bum bouncing mercilessly on my poor head in the mornings. 


I have taken to lying nose-down lately. My shoulders or skull take turns suffering his joyous battering, depending on which way he is facing: if it’s a good point in the CBeebies schedule, he thumps triumphantly on my head and watches the TV at the end of the bed. If it’s the national embarrassment that is Big Cook, Little Cook, he boings happily away on my shoulders.

I think I am beginning to sustain brain damage, and tomorrow he may have a surprise coming.



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  1. He.is.adorable.
    But yes, I do think it’s possible that either your brain or spine or both are in danger.
    Was that Daddy filming? Naughty man, egging Harry on like that.

  2. Oh, yes! He thinks it’s hysterical.

  3. That video is the best thing I’ve seen all day. Adorable.

    Speaking of children bouncing on heads, P’s game tonight was to “throw” me onto the floor so she could jump, WWF-style, onto my back and head. Suffice it to say, it was a lot more fun for her than it was for me.

  4. My girl likes to bounce on my stomach. OK when she’s 20 pounds. Not so funny when she’s 32 pounds. Totally unpleasant when she misses the pelvic bone and smashes all my internal organs up into my rib cage. She tries to climb on my head by using the ever popular choke hold. I think they’re trying to kill us!

  5. OMG he is just the cutest thing ever! (Poor you though!)

  6. Or, move the telly into another room??

  7. I have visions of Stewie from “The Family Guy.” You know, the one that’s always trying to kill Lois? Harry is precious, though. Hubby has a wildly sick sense of humor! Either a cervical collar for protection, or your surprise. Tell hubby to film that, too.

  8. Oh my. I think I’ve seen similar in nature documentaries when the octopus tries to extract a clam from its shell.

  9. I like the idea of a cervical collar. Perhaps you could build in a sort of saddle? Sam loves to do the bum-bouncing thing too but we only let him do it to Daddy as it gives Mommy migraines. Maybe you could develop migraines? Yes…”migraines”…

    Terrible hubby, encouraging Harry to dig in his spurs like that. Don’t tell him how that made me laugh, it’ll only encourage him.

    Harry is as nomable as ever. What a sweetie pie!

  10. I promise I did not laugh at all, no, not even a little, and I’m never never sick at sea. Well, hardly ever.

    I remember Diva doing this when she was a toddler – oh God, she’s 20 now, it was 19 years ago, that makes me feel so very very old, positively leathery. Why is bouncing on your prone relations so amazingly, endlessly amusing?

  11. Nearly choking here – laughter at the spurs comment and overdose of cuteness from the totally edible Harry. Make sure that wicked HF is filming the surprise moment.

  12. Curse you woman. CURSE YOU. Will now be singing “Big Cook Little Cook” all day. Babies love that programme. Angus despises it. He’s convinced that Little Cook smells in real life.

    Our children will be in therapy for a long time.

  13. It IS hysterical!! If you’re not you, that is. Harry is just the cutest.

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