Echoes Inhabit the Garden

Did you know that 3am is the new 6am? Yes, it is. And our son hates his naps, his cot, his room, his bedtime, his sleeping bag, all of his teddy bears, and most of all, his parents.

We’ve gardened hard today. Some people use lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, secateurs, and the like. We feel they lack vision.


I drove the blue tractor & trailer on the road to bring them here, and I’m worryingly out of practice. I had a brief insight into how those pensioners who end up driving 10 miles down the wrong side of the motorway must feel, and there’s a helluva lot more sticks and pedals on a tractor. There are also snags to using tractors as everyday vehicles when your (exceedingly lardy) spaniel only has one hip joint.


My hens were a little alarmed by the machinery influx, and retreated to squawk at us from a distance. I’ve decided I need, yes, need some more hens to entertain me. My Golden Brahma and Gold Laced Orpington chicks are all grown up now,


happily shagging their friends, siblings and mother (poultry are Bad for this sort of thing), the weather is getting kinder, and Hubby has just blown silly amounts of cash on a camera lens, ergo, I am totally allowed to purchase some more fancy breeds with crazy feathers; I have recently borrowed my SIL’s incubator again.   

I’m bidding on some Silkies, because they have mad hair. I have mad hair.  John has mad hair. Harry has a double crown, and madder hair than either of us when it grows longer. These’ll fit right in.


I’m also bidding on some Lemon Pyle Brahmas


 and some lavender/splash cochins


Hubby is alarmed at the (unlikely) prospect of my winning all 18 eggs, which then all prove fertile and hatch. He should have thought of that before he bought the lens, yes?


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  1. Oh, goody! More poultry tales! Your Greek Geese Tragedy still makes me chuckle randomly here and there, and I do love a good chicken story.

  2. I know what you mean about vision. Most people tend to just flex their DIY fingers by painting a couple of walls. We’d come home to find Mum had got the sledge hammer out…

  3. Sweet Jesus, a hairy chicken.

    I done seen it all now.

  4. Any chance of naming rights on one of those chickens? I’ll bid for egg number 12. And yes, 18 chicken eggs are almost the going rate for one new camera lens.

  5. Salutations from a fellow Eliot fan… That is WAY cool!
    (& the chickens don’t hurt neither 😉

  6. The chickens are fabulous and I hope they all come up trumps. New lens is worth every chook, a facial, a pedicure and a dvd set of THe Wire.The Eliot biz is well worth toasting. The tractor driving is to be mightily cheered. But frankly I’m just in awe of your triangulating … I know you’re not referring to cutting Harry’s sandwich.

  7. Happy bidding!

  8. Hey, wherever I end up I want a chicken or two – not for eggs or meat, just to admire and cuddle. I am particularly fond of Silkies, and I trust you will be able to fly over and be my Official Chicken Recruiter. I pay in chocolate, oh, wait…

  9. It just occurred to me as I was re-reading this post. Just what makes him think all of them are going to be fertile? This is (was) an infertility blog, isn’t it? None of us have that kind of luck. That’s kind of the point, wouldn’t you say?

  10. Hi would you please be kind enough to remove my picture of the silkie hen.It is subject to copyright from my website

  11. Hello I am looking at the Brahmas and I would like to know if you successfully bid on them and actually got them. If so, what is your location I would like to get some eggs if they are available.

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