Why The Doors Need Bolts Fitting

Hurricane alley: Finger of God

finger of god

Ann’s unguarded stock room: Fist of Toddler

fist of toddler


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  1. Not really the point of the post but–ooh! You have advent calendars?

    • OMG…. Yes. Just… Yes.


      I have been selling them (read: obliged to view them continually) since August, and despite their genuine loveliness I am currently SO OVER CHRISTMAS ALREADY. I am particularly find of the kiddies’ school nativity play though, and making up the little houses on the 3D one was quite cathartic until I saw Harry’s arm descend like a maddened orchestra conductor.

  2. Might I be so bold as to reference the fireguard debate of yesterday? This would be a perfect example of How Toddlers Do Not Pay Attention To Anything That Sounds Like No or Don’t.

  3. I dreamt about Harry last night!!

  4. Yep, it’s time to get busy toddler proofin’

    Your stuff looks lovely, I will have to pay you a visit the next time we are over in Blighty.

  5. Tornado alley… Since I live in it, I’d know.

  6. The wrath of the Harry, it is MIGHTY.
    Run for the hills, little paper people!

  7. Oooh, Advent calendars…. Actually, the one The Wrath of The Harry flattened is GORGEOUS.

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