…and have just sat down for a little cry.

I’m so very, very deeply grateful for your amazing generosity.

Coffee morning raised well over £500 and still counting.

To say I’m touched is… just… inadequately phrased.

The cakeless internet has raised as much as more than my cake-stuffed friends and family, and you are all invited to tea.

Going away to cry again now.

Updated to add: Still absolutely humbled & blubbering. And my father – ‘Gramps’ – was directed to the website to maximise the value of his donation through gift aid, rather than faff about with paper forms. (This is in addition to selling raffle tickets like a man possessed yesterday AND donating a fabulous planted-up flower tub for the raffle AND putting the topping on my carrot cake for me at the last moment.) He is now awfully curious to know who these generous and wonderful friends of mine are on Just Giving that he’s never met or heard of! Bless you all. And I’m so sorry that Just Giving have obviously chosen this weekend to do site maintenance. Rotters  


cakes 2

Cakes 3

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