…and have just sat down for a little cry.

I’m so very, very deeply grateful for your amazing generosity.

Coffee morning raised well over £500 and still counting.

To say I’m touched is… just… inadequately phrased.

The cakeless internet has raised as much as more than my cake-stuffed friends and family, and you are all invited to tea.

Going away to cry again now.

Updated to add: Still absolutely humbled & blubbering. And my father – ‘Gramps’ – was directed to the website to maximise the value of his donation through gift aid, rather than faff about with paper forms. (This is in addition to selling raffle tickets like a man possessed yesterday AND donating a fabulous planted-up flower tub for the raffle AND putting the topping on my carrot cake for me at the last moment.) He is now awfully curious to know who these generous and wonderful friends of mine are on Just Giving that he’s never met or heard of! Bless you all. And I’m so sorry that Just Giving have obviously chosen this weekend to do site maintenance. Rotters  


cakes 2

Cakes 3


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  1. Oh gawd, you MADE all that? *blinks*

    I bow down before your prowess with pastry.

    Also thanks a LOT, now I’m hungry.

  2. I want you to cater my next party!! Yum!!

  3. Impressive given Just Giving seems to have been down all pm. Grr

  4. Well, shoot. Since I can’t make tea, can I lick the screen? I think I will… you all will never know, will you? (*sluuuuurp*)

  5. Yum.

  6. Now I’m hungry. And way to far away to have a piece of your cake. Sigh.

  7. What a spread. Wow. Fondant pigs! How fantastic, so what if they are off model (bit of animator-speak for you).

    Cherry cake! MMmmm. Chocolate Lime, that looks AMAZING. Viennese fingers..
    Oh, how I love cake. I really do, I could write an ode to it.

    (Just giving went down after I went on it. Pure coincidence I hope, I mean, nothing I did, I presume..?)

  8. Kevin is about to run a 25 K race tomorrow so swears that he must consume vast amounts of carbs today and has just seen those photos of your cakes and would like to know (in his very shy manner) if he could put in his order for next year? He will of course pay extra for postage he says. I am so glad that it went well and that all of your hard work paid off, I would not be surprised if the numbers went up as the site seems to be down, I went on early early here, ( about 6 am) but it is down now) and I have still not received my confirmation email, although I am sure that it will turn up. I hope it just means that they are so busy with accepting donations that they will get to those later.

  9. I want the cherry cake. I don’t care if it has sunk (you could say the same for my cleavage, and OBVIOUSLY it is still fantastic).

  10. Put me down for the coconut lime cake.

    You are clearly a kitchen goddess and I bow down before the dazzling wonderfulness of your talents. And of your MIL and Mum.

    Now stop sniffling and get that Stiff Upper Lip back to work.


  11. Just want to tell you that our house is now filled with sweets thanks to your evil influence! Apple pie was baked by my son next door last night, brownies baked by my other son and husband brought a huge cake home from the bakery. All had seen and salivated over your wonderful baked goods.
    My only problem this morning is what to have for breakfast, cake, brownies or pie? My waistline thanks you.
    So glad the Bliss website is backup, hate that all your hard work hit a glitch, I am sure it was just overwhelmed due to heavy donation traffic, that is all. Nothing any of us did, no couldn’t be anything we did, none of us are that awkward are we? That is my story anyway.

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