I am a careful shopper.

Abdominal ultrasound & report costs:

Chase Nuffield Hospital, Leamington Spa (17 miles) £273

BMI Priory Hospital, Birmingham (25 miles) £239

Hereford County Hospital (40 miles) £100.

Thanks to my deplorable habit of not eating breakfast, and also thanks to Harry playing up sufficiently this morning that I did not have time for my usual cup of coffee: they are able to scan me at 1pm today. Of course, now being officially nil-by-mouth except water, I am simply crying with desire every time I walk into the kitchen and spy A) the fruit bowl, B) the coffee machine) and C) the fridge. 

Now, I must go and synch the iPod, refresh my memory of the geography and put fuel in the car; I appear to have an 80 mile drive ahead of me, 40 miles of which I shall be chewing the steering wheel for, partly from nerves and partly because steering wheel=leather, leather=cow and cow=fooooooooood.

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