I am a careful shopper.

Abdominal ultrasound & report costs:

Chase Nuffield Hospital, Leamington Spa (17 miles) £273

BMI Priory Hospital, Birmingham (25 miles) £239

Hereford County Hospital (40 miles) £100.

Thanks to my deplorable habit of not eating breakfast, and also thanks to Harry playing up sufficiently this morning that I did not have time for my usual cup of coffee: they are able to scan me at 1pm today. Of course, now being officially nil-by-mouth except water, I am simply crying with desire every time I walk into the kitchen and spy A) the fruit bowl, B) the coffee machine) and C) the fridge. 

Now, I must go and synch the iPod, refresh my memory of the geography and put fuel in the car; I appear to have an 80 mile drive ahead of me, 40 miles of which I shall be chewing the steering wheel for, partly from nerves and partly because steering wheel=leather, leather=cow and cow=fooooooooood.


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  1. Good luck, honey. Don’t drink the petrol.


  2. Pretty countryside on route at least. Hereford has charms too I suppose although not sure decent coffee is one of them! Hope it goes well and you get that coffee.

  3. You’ll be on the road now – good luck!

    (It’ll all be worth it when you finally have some lunch. Even the most dismal sausage roll will practically hum with flavour.)

  4. hoping for some answers

  5. Blurgh. Best of luck… Don’t pass out on the way.

  6. Oh but think of the pleasure of eating after you’re done. Even the steering wheel will taste sublime!

  7. Sorry to hear no stones, as per your twitter. Hope there are still answers, hope even more they are relatively uncomplicated… hope that’s not too much to hope!

    Did you get some hospital coffee? The circumstances you describe are perhaps some of the few in which I can imagine hospital coffee tasting good… maybe even like ambrosia.

  8. Just cause there are no stones doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not still your gallbladder. You may have cholecystitis which is an inflamed gallbladder wall. Which causes all the same symptoms, and can cause years of heartburn, pain, and suffering. And still means the damn thing needs out. And you could just have tiny little bits of gravel blocking your common bile duct, not huge rocks. All is not lost. Keep us posted!!

  9. Hope they find some answers soon and you get sorted asap

  10. Be Aware. They may try to make you give coffee up. It seems to be the default suggestion for any and all stomach pain, regardless of cause.


    *Lurks over here, waiting for answers, and crossing fingers for good ones*

  11. Hope the drive bears a diagnosis.



  12. We have had three gallbladders out in the last 4 years in our house and not a stone among us. One due to a twisted bile duct, that was major pain that came on suddenly and never let up for the week my husband was in hospital and then pain caused by the bladder refusing to empty due to chronic inflammation, ( those two most likely EDS related, one in my skinny 20 year old daughter).
    All three were finally diagnosed by a HIDA scan which is the definitive test here and ended months of suffering daughter had when I insisted she have one.
    However, I suffered with nausea and vomiting for 18 months thinking that it could not be gallbladder because I did not have pain and my ultrasound did not show stones. So I suffered and stopped eating much and lost 50 pounds because it was better than being sick all the time after I ate. Finally I had a HIDA scan that showed that my gallbladder did not empty and instead of having pain as a response during the test I was nauseated. (So a positive response)
    Adhesion from prior abdominal surgery can also cause terrible pain after eating and are very difficult to diagnose with out laproscopic surgery, Any food will set off adhesion while some foods are worse than others for gallbladder if you can stand to experiment on yourself. Hoping that your suffering ends very soon and that you get some answers. I am so sorry that you are going through this, you deserve a break.

  13. Also standing on the sidelines cheering you on and hoping for a relatively uncomplicated solution to a simple problem. And a proper afternoon tea!

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