Taxi! The Cococabana!

Reasons to be happy:

  • Carry On Cleo is on TV. Infamy!
  • Harry has learnt to nod! We have actual nodding! Nodding to go alongside the shaking he learnt last (pause to peruse own archives) September. At the grand old age of 29 months he can now give a silent no AND yes – when he responds at all; his continuing speech delay, it turns out, is part of a wider listening and attention disorder. But… back to happy! Nodding! It’s a… strange nod, admittedly; it looks more like a slooooooow motion yoga move than a gesture, but it’s clear to see and he enjoys doing it.
  • Christmas has been put back in its box. It’s hard to say which experience I enjoy more: the festooning-with-holly-and-twinkly-lights festive gearing-up, or the get-back-in-your-bloody-box-coz-I-want-my-house-back-now winding down.
  • I tackled the heaps of near-sentient washing in our bedroom on Christmas Eve, so I am no longer obliged to groan and feel depressed by the morass that previously concealed 90% of the actual carpet. It was actually all clean – at least, it was, before it spent weeks on the floor – it just never made it as far as being folded and placed in the wardrobe. 50% of my share of the clothing  mountain was also too small for me; I would grab it, hold it to the light, scrutinise the label, and cast it impatiently back onto the tangled skeins of sleeves and legs. Annnnd I have sharply deviated away from subjects that please me. Clear floor! I have a clear floor! I can see my Laura Ashley rug again! The only one I own! Harry now has his brio train track all laid out on said floor – John and I spent a happy half-hour elbowing him imperiously out of the way while we re-visited our respective childhoods – and Brrrrrrmmms his trains around in the morning for 20 precious minutes or so, before remembering that he likes to bounce up and down on Mummy’s sleeping head.
  • I have booked a little holiday. On Monday 11th I am heading for Center Parcs for 4 nights, where I plan to ensconce myself with a good book on a deckchair in the 29.5 degree tropical dome, sipping something cool, while Harry & John splash about in the pool. Disconcertingly though, it seems John is planning on making me actually cycle places, and has just bought a bike carrier for the car. Sigh. But… 29 degrees! Wave machines! Flumes! Lagoon Bar!

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  1. Lots of good news there!

  2. Grand!

  3. Good on you, HFF.

    My mother told me recently about how I wasn’t too gone on talking when I was 2-ish, and another mother of a chatty kid of the same age, asked mine (oops getting a bit garbled with the mothers) if she “talked” to me. Ha! What did she think, we’d taken a vow of silence?
    I’ll say it again: people are funny.

    Anyway, great news on the nod.

  4. *Looks at own semi-sentient heap of laundry, and wonders if it’s acceptable just to set it on fire and run away*

    Would love love love to watch Harry doing great big yoga nods. Also, don’t let me near his train-track. No one else would get a look-in for WEEKS. I love trains. (And doll-houses. Even though they’re a little creepy. Creepy is good).

    And the holiday idea? Is FANTASTIC. Good for you. My Mum and step-Dad took Diva and her then-best-friend to Center Parcs back when Diva was twelve, and had the best holiday EVER. Mum still raves on about it today. So. Cool. (Deck-chair! 29 degrees! Book! Cool drink! Heaven! I die of envy RIGHT NOW!)

  5. Lagoon Bar? Yesssssss! Have fun and get a tan for me!

  6. I dream of a swim up bar! Have mental bloc though with c parcs which I need to overcome.

  7. Center Parcs is possibly my own personal idea of hell (no offense)…. but 29 degrees, I might be sold on that alone!

  8. Did you see this article in the times yesterday? Apparently 4% of children don’t speak until they are three and lots of people commented that either they or their children didn’t start talking until much later. I know it’s hard not to worry, but nodding is a good start!

  9. I hope the snow doesn’t stand in your way getting to centre parcs (but makes cycling a stupid idea).

  10. […] ‘Yes’ two days ago, and it is now in hourly, useful use; just as nodding was when he learnt the trick of that back in January. Hence I’ve compiled a list – I like lists – to remind me in later years just […]

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