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I carted Harry and his new welt down the GP’s this afternoon, banged my head on his desk, tore my hair and wailed incoherencies about Can’t Get A Formal Diagnosis and Seriously I’m Not Making This Up He Really Does Have Significant Mobility Problems and What If Social Services Ask Questions and What If They Don’t Believe Me When I Say He Falls All The Time and Where’s His Fucking Brain Scan Got To; none of which he can help with, but he wrote stuff down and I felt a little better.

Just for shits and giggles, I reviewed the previous 12 months of Harry’s collision injuries. I couldn’t go back any further; I was too sad and frustrated. 

I should emphasize that, except where noted, these were all separately sustained; I have omitted photos of the sometimes-awful mouth and tongue sores he is depressingly prone to, possibly because he bites them during more minor impacts. Of which there are dozens a day.


What’s a mother to do, for crying out loud?


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  1. It’s so upsetting to see it all lined up like that, that beautiful face and those ugly marks. Sad and frustrating indeed. I am sorry.

  2. Hmm. Perhaps it was indeed time for a head-thumping-desk meltdown. Sometimes an adult temper tantrum is what it takes to get the help you need. I know it has done wonders for the balance of child-care activities in my marriage.

    So sorry it came to this, sweetie. Hugging motions flying your way from San Diego.

  3. Oh, poor Harry.

    Poor you.



  4. Oh poor Harry and poor you. He is one adorable child, I have to say.

  5. Poor Harry. Have you tried printing out all the pictures and taking them with you to the doctor to refresh their memory

  6. Oh poor little chap – what a litany of horrible accidents.
    I am so sorry you are going through this.

    Isn’t he a great kid though? The way he just keeps going, through all that.

  7. Ouch. Poor Harry. Did they have any suggestions for you? Other than wrapping him in bubble wrap, that is…

    Maybe you could send him to the doctor’s house to live for a week or so. That ought to make it more clear!

  8. I really feel for you, and Harry, It must make you so sad to see him hurt. Hugs to you both x

  9. De-lurking here in response to the awful pictures to say poor little bugger! And poor you. I thought my younger one was bad when he was young but Harry . . defies description.

    My thoughts for what they are worth and I’m aware that you may already have tried these suggestions – but, practical things, enlist your Health visitor (if you have one and you are on good terms with her) mine was a godsend even though she told all and sundry that she was glad J wasn’t her son as he was a complete lunatic where his personal safety was concerned. I would very seriously consider putting a cycling helmet on him because these repeated head traumas aren’t good for him in the long term, I know it’s unsightly but if it saves a few bruises and cuts to his head it’s worth it. Aside from whatever tests you have had made on his mobility issues so far, have you had his eyesight checked in case he isn’t seeing properly and his ears for balance problems. And keep hassling the powers that be, if nothing else they may well act just to get you out of their hair. A child and his parents should not have to go through this if it is at all possible to find a cause and then a solution of some sort.

    Good luck!

  10. Oh you poor pair.

  11. Poor poor Harry and poor, poor you. So glad you had a meltdown, hope it causes some action.

  12. Good God, that poor child’s beautiful face. And his poor mama’s beautiful heart.

    GPs can be quite good at phoning clinics up and shouting at them in a clinic-takes-it-seriously sort of way. Fingers crossed that is what your GP is doing with the notes he wrote down.

    Hugs. Many many many hugs. (And have you considered an American Football helmet? I’m even slightly serious. The ‘head bumpa’ doesn’t seem to offer much against the endless mouth-smacks).

  13. Oy, that’s hard to see. I just feel awful for the both of you.

    Apropos of the last photo, a friend recently told me that her brother in Sweden had his 3-yr old twin boys wearing wrestling helmets around the house. And I thought, what a capital idea! So you see you wouldn’t be alone if you went that route…

  14. That was hard to look at and I’m not even Harry’s mother. I can’t imagine looking at your child hurting so often. Unnngggh.

    Maybe you should make a little scrapbook out of these and thump it down on the desk of whoever needs it most. Maybe several someones. Maybe call the paper and tell them that this is what’s happening and no one will give you what you need. I’m so angry on your behalf, and on Harry’s.

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