Stick People

I drew three stick-people for Harry to colour in. One had trousers, one (in best gender-stereotypical fashion) had a skirt, and the third was half the size of the other two, like so:

I asked him to draw Daddy some Wellie boots, which he did.

I asked him to draw Mummy some gloves, which he did.

I asked him to draw Harry’s eyes, which he did.

Then I got bored and asked him to draw Mummy’s boobies.

He drew them smack bang in the middle of John’s face.

John looked at me questioningly.

‘We… left the door open?’

13 Responses

  1. Oops…

  2. That’s so funny! Well done H!

  3. snickering here!

  4. Superb! Absolute genius. I award H his cub scout spotter’s badge immediately.x

  5. I was going to say something crude, but I’ll keep it to ‘out of the crayons of babes!’



  6. bwahahahaha

  7. HA-HA!
    Fantastic! The kid is brilliant.

  8. LOL!

  9. Ha ha Fantastic!!!

  10. tee hee.

  11. I laughed so hard I spilt my beer. Thanks for that.

  12. ‘Boobies’… ‘Peepers’… an easy auditory confusion.

    You make me laugh.

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