You know you’re silly parents

when your absolute crowning ambition, the pinnacle, the reward for your hours of enthusiastic demonstrating, the niftiest thing that would make you both the proudest parents in all of Christendom, 

is for your toddler to master the Pink Panther Slink.

And you know you’re truly returned to the bowels of the spirit-crushing machine that is the NH bloody S when they postpone your surgery, then make you an appointment next week instead, then get confused about your appointment, then lose your appointment, then deny all knowledge of your appointment, then give your appointment to somebloodyone else, then finally offer you a consolatory replacement appointment in 3 fucking month’s time.

I’m back in the bloody saddle, alright.

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  1. ha ha – I had practically forgotten the Pink Pather slink!! Thanks for bring a smile to my face!

  2. Can you teach Buddy, too? Pretty please?

  3. Here is the saddest reflection on my parenting. We included a dvd of the Pink Panther in our 9 year old’s Christmas stocking. He hasn’t even taken the shrink wrap off it yet. Every time I say “you should really take a look at the Pink Panther – it was on tv when Mummy and Daddy were your age, and it was so cool, really fun…”, I see him cringe inwardly.

    I’m soon going to have to admit defeat, and take that darn shrink wrap off myself one evening when he’s in bed.

  4. Its been a long time since I’ve seen that! Sorry about the op f’up.

  5. I assume that my daughter will have no interest whatsoever in anything I liked as a kid. Fortunately, I’m so mature that I like much of the stuff she’s interested in now. Like Shrek. And Shrek 2. And Shrek the Third. Most of it flies over her head, but I’m entertained!

    Perhaps you could be like NHS, and just refuse to accept their phone calls and show up for surgery on the previously scheduled day? I know it wouldn’t get you anywhere, but you might get some satisfaction out of the process of making them deal with you. 🙂

  6. slinking is a fabulous skill for a small boy to have. You should be stupendously proud. What with that and his voyeurism the child is sorted for the rest of his natural 😉

    Gah to the NHS. Shall I keeeelll them all for you?

    Thanks for the card hon. It came today. I am already planning a route.x

  7. Videos of said Small Slinker? And, once again, the NHS proves why socialized medicine is the devil/anti-christ/bane of America’s existence and should be avoided at all costs.

  8. Ah yes! Love it. Used to do PP exercises in animation college. Very fond of His Pinkness. Does Harry approve?

    THREE MONTHS, blooming Nora, really? That’s so maddening. How are you meant to plan anything, at all, ever?

  9. Arghhh! The NHS and their appointments system. I feel your pain, I reall, really do.

    Now going to put that vid back on and have myself a little dance.

  10. The NHS did WHAT?The bastards! The bastards!

    (This is your fault for saying you’d be prepared to take some of the Karmic load of Dealing With Doctors off my shoulders. We got to see the gynaecologist on Wednesday (rather than in May) and it was all very interesting and Progress was Made. Spent next 24 hours waiting for other shoe to drop, and here it is. It dropped on you. Sorry).

    That bit at the end of the dance, with the thumb-point over the shoulder, we taught my little brother to do that when he was 4! Must get him drunk and demand a demo.

    • The thumb-point is totally one of the routine moves I’m working on! The key one, of course, is the finger point to sky and floor whilst other hand is on the hips. He’s kind of mastered the pointing, but insists on doing it with both hands. Bah.

  11. Oooh TBB rather likes the Pink Panther.

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