If a tree falls over in the woods hCG level falls below 5 and there is no-one to hear it no blood loss, then does it make a noise have I actually, properly, fully miscarried yet?

I stopped bleeding almost immediately after my scan: I did not lose any further clots. My HCG, by now, will be nothing.

Oi! Clever people! Over here! What happens to the pregnancy sac? Does it hover about in there like a determined gatecrasher, turning a huffy back on the designated cervical exit, until my next period? Or do I magically re-absorb it? It seems you can still be a learner, even on your 4th miscarriage, your 5th pregnancy, and your 6th baby.

I’m… ok. Just ok. Not my chirpy self. I am mithered about the ubiquitous array of Worrisome Stuff with one or two Irksome Added Extras; I’m still giving a fair imitation of SleepyMcSleeperson, plus I have an ominously swollen tonsil this evening… but the feet are still moving forward, I am taking a little more time in my day to relax, and I have lost three pounds this week.

A small ‘Yay!’ would be appropriate to crow aloud about this last item, as it was Difficult… if you are sat alone, and feel like crowing, that is. If you’re on the bus, best not, eh?


Corymbia lost her beloved husband this month. She has young children left fatherless.

Twangy’s much-wanted and adored baby had no heartbeat this morning.


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  1. Yay for the three pounds.

    Much sadness for the rest.

  2. It really, really has been a shit time for the sisterhood of late.

    Look after yourself.

  3. Oh your poor thing-so sad for you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Not easy.

  4. Oh dear. For eveyone.

  5. And yes I have always been told that the sac can collapse and get absorbed so you wouldn’t necessarily notice it passing.

  6. You probably already passed what there was of a sac. At this point it is teeny tiny and would have already collapsed, so you would not have seen it.

    I’m so sorry that this just goes on and on, and for the sad stories you pointed out to us. Too much loss.

    (but a tiny YAY for the three pounds!)

  7. Ugh. I am so sorry. And my heart goes out to Corymbia and Twangy. Sometimes the extent of loss is just … unfathomable. Without fathom, bottomless.

    (But three cheers for three pounds!)

  8. Oh dear – I had not realised you were pregnant and now this miscarriage 😦
    Thanks for thinking of us …

  9. Too much sadness.

    But a definite “yay” for the 3lbs.

  10. Yay for the 3 pounds, yuck for the rest

  11. I assume Thalia’s right about the pregnancy sac. She’s extremely learned about this kind of thing.

    Ohhh, it all sucks huge hairy underwashed donkeyballs. I’m sorry. And Twangy’s news made me cry and cry, and Corymbia’s broke my heart to bits.

    (3lbs! Teeny tiny restrained ‘yay!’, out of respect for donkeyballs).

  12. DEFINITE crow re: the three pounds. So very sorry about the rest.

  13. I’m sorry.

  14. Oh Ann,

    I know it’s about as good as tackiling Niagra Falls with a tatty umbrella, but I am so sorry,

    much love,


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