(Updated to add: I have un-passworded some old posts, merely because I happened to come across them earlier, and Google reader has decided that they are New Output. Useless bastard thing.)


Hello. Blogging is now my sole intelligible source of communication with the outer world. My voice is failing, my face is glowing like a belisha beacon, and when I do try to say something it DOWNED DIKE DUMB WONE DOLDING DY DOZE. 

I have three boxes of tissues on the go, all of which, with the innate malice of inanimate objects, keep hiding from me. My distress when there is actual fluid egress from my nose and my flailing, questing hands cannot unearth a single tissue, is absurd and pitiful. I have a feeling it looks horribly reminiscent of a portly yet scrabblingly desperate squirrel attempting, and comically failing, to relocate a particularly juicy cache of nuts.

You will surmise from the above mental image that the housework continues to stay firmly on top of me.

Harry, whose recent behaviour I am too miserable to actually regurgitate here, has his long, long awaited appointment with his Paediatrician tomorrow. It will be a tense affair, as not only am I expecting strenous attempts at further watching-and-waiting on the doctor’s part, but there is significant disagreement subsisting between John and I also. I am shortly crawling away to bed to conserve what I can of my brain cells and my voice, in the hope of being better-able to present a coherent and rational argument tomorrow. The mood I’m in, however, I shall probably just burst into tears as soon as I sit down in his office.

This would Not Be Helpful.  Which, naturally, considerably shortens the odds of it occurring. 

I’m sat here casting around, trying to strike a more cheerful note to end on – I feel a vague moral responsibility for those of you who click away thinking, ‘Well. That was a pisser of a post. I’m depressed now!’ but I’m buggered if I can. Sorry. Really sorry. Maybe next week.

The best I can manage today is shameless lobbying for your nominations, please, because I really rather want to win an iPhone, if that’s ok…

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