Moviemaker Hates Me. I Hate Codecs.

Six hours I have sweated to bring you this short magnum opus. Six!


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  1. Oh but it was so worth it to see. (Well, easy for me to say I suppose, I wasn’t the one who sat six hours in front of the computer…)

    It’s beautiful. Yeah Harry! Bye!

  2. agree so worth every second of your 6 hours production time !

  3. Oh , Anne that made me cry, big happy tears. Already a second word! And he is so casual about it, like he has been talking forever. I wanted o buy him a ice cream for saying “bye” and then a pony when he said “yehah”.
    What a joy to hear his sweet voice, thanks so much for sharing with us.

  4. Six hours… Totally worth it, but just hope they don’t ask you to make a movie.

  5. well I’d give it an Oscar. An epic piece of film making mrs H and worthy of every award going. Am so

  6. …and the winner is……….Harry!!

  7. Only 6 hours for that masterpiece? I think you underestimate – didn’t it take more like 2 years to get that adorable actor to say his lines? But your hard work has paid off – it’s fantastic!

  8. Lovely 🙂

  9. Bye!!!! Bye!!! Marvellous. What a tremendous treat.


  10. What they all said! He’s a honey and you’re a hero.

    And vice versa, of course.

  11. Wow! Well done both of you!

  12. Utterly gorgeous. On every level.

    Bye! Bye!

  13. Oh, is he ever sweet! Definitely worth the six hours. Thank you for making this rainy day a lot more cheerful.

  14. Your accent is delicious! And Harry is scrumptious. Bye, sweet boy!

  15. What a cutie pie! Definitely worth the 6 hours. Congratulations to both Harry and to you.

  16. [..Quickly squashing slight guilt complex at having clamoured for video..]
    How wonderful! That’s the boy!
    Look how smart he is. Ah!

  17. Three words! or maybe four if those were “this” as well as “that” at the end.

    Well done Harry and his devoted mother.

    • Yes! ‘This’ and particularly ‘there’ have been getting clearer the last month. ‘Hello’ still is a fair way off correct, but we all recognise it now.

      Shapes in the fog, which shifts & swirls every day – indeed, from second to second.

  18. Wow!! Well done!!!

  19. […] raises sheep.  SHEEP.  I can’t get enough.   Read her.  Learn about having two uteri.  Listen to her precious boy say, “Bye–ee!” This entry was posted in Uncategorized. […]

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