You don’t have to say you love me

Well. This is a bit of a pickle, no? 

I wonder if there’s a little sign on our desk at the UN…?

Polite Notice to Other Nations: We would be most obliged if you would delay any declaration of war with the UK, should you be considering same. We have not finished counting to 100, are officially Not Ready, and have no-one morally empowered to push our big red nuclear button at the present juncture. If you do genuinely desire conflict with the United Kingdom, please be good enough to wait until next week for us to put our house in order, when we will get back to you forthwith. Kthnxbai.

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  1. *Laughs hysterically*

    Shit. It’s true.

    *Sobs hysterically*

  2. Welcome welcome, Cousins Across the Sea, to the enjoy of coalition! Kind of like sleeping with the enemy, only boring-er, with all the turncoats.. eh.. turning coat, pointing accusingly at each other and elbowing each other out of the way in the big race for the moral high ground.
    On your marks..

    Oh look, is that a tortoise called Marina? Sweet!

  3. Oops. “enjoy of coalition” – what would that be now?
    Bad fingers!

  4. You should check out Belgian Waffle’s description of the Belgian efforts to form a government in vegetables…brilliance itself. I’m currently trying to think of vegetable equivs of the current motley bunch.

  5. It appears that I will have to pull my head out of the sand and figure out what exactly is going on over there!

  6. Amazing to see the Old Country taking tiny little island to south of the Villa Kore as an electoral role model. Much “Won’t be forming coalition with [insert other party name here]. Not ever. No. Will not happen.”

    Three weeks later it led to “Give me [insert position in ministry here] and we are yours forever.”

    Tasmania has made it work for six whole weeks…am sure you can too. Provided no other country has made invasion plans.

  7. Don’t do it Clegg!!

  8. No nation may invade MY house until I’ve caught up on the endless washing.

    Then, well, it’s no different to having twins.

    Also, they can vacuum their dirty footprints out afterwards. I Have Cookies if that helps.


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