This is not the post I had planned to publish today

but Harry learnt a new word this morning.


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  1. Look at that. Loud and clear and so wonderful. I am sniffling again.

  2. oh my. i’m all verklempt.

    good work, harry! say her name, the better to wrap her around your little finger.

  3. fantastic, fabulous and clearly decided Mummy is good word to have i repetoire !!

  4. Ohh, this is so lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. *Dabs eyes*

  5. Oh fer chrissake, you’ve made me cry.

    Well done, Harry!

  6. Annnnd you’ll note that he said ‘doous!’ perfectly calmly, without a TRACE of Tourette’s.

    We’re going to get there, people.

  7. :: melts ::

  8. Teary here too.

  9. Ahh. Gives one a lovely warm glow.

  10. Did one syllable ever sound as sweet? Well done, Harry!

  11. Perfect!

  12. That was very clear. Give the boy more juice.

  13. Excellent job, Harry!

    In a short time, I’m sure he’ll be calling you by your first names and swearing up a storm. 🙂

  14. AW! Aw. Aw! Aw.


    Doesn’t that just do your heart good?

  15. Well that just made my day! Great job Hary – enjoy your juice!!

  16. Love this. What a beautiful voice YOU have, too. Wow.

  17. That was just brilliant.. Harry with his words and he looks so grown up, and casual with his talking, as if he has been talking forever! How great is that.

  18. Now there’s a boy who understands how to get what he wants.

    More juice now!

    Go Harry!

  19. whoohoo…that was fantastic, and so clear. I am a SPED teacher and I would say that he looks like he was undersanding very clearly everything you said and asked.

  20. Awwww. That’s how my three year old says “juice,” too.

  21. *sniffles*

    Way to go, Harry! Congratulations, Mum!

  22. How utterly gorgeous was that to hear? Well done Harry. You’ve made someone on the other side of the world very happy. To say nothing of your Mum and Dad! Good work, mate!

  23. Err…what was the post you had planned? I’m nothing if not terminally curious.

  24. Oh how lovely. So glad I decided to catch up properly. It’s worth celebrating, don’t worry about the pushy parent thing.

  25. I am so, so happy for you, dear.

  26. CUTE cute CUTE! Oh, and your accent, it’s like a dream.

  27. Ooooh sniff, sniff sniff – the most wonderful sound ever! xoxo

  28. […] and particularly since early June, when he and I triumphed together in his hard-fought-for ‘Mum!’, he has been steadily acquiring more spoken language – and every new word is a jewel and a […]

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