I have less than 3 minutes before I have to go out

The tortoise is being a stroppy teen.

The chiropodist who was meant to deal with my hard skin… hasn’t. I am minorly wounded instead.

I had a deeply unpleasant experience with my fridge-freezer delivery men last Friday.

Project Potty has been abandoned, much to the profound relief of all protagonists. We all love Pampers.

Harry’s birthday card is in the post:

I have until approximately dawn on Thursday to make this lovely Lady & Gent a wedding cake. It currently looks like this.


Updated to add:

Well played, period! WELL PLAYED!

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  1. Actually I’m certain abandoning Project Potty is for the best – my young man was far from reliable well past 3 and a half!

  2. I am very much liking the look of that pile o’chocolate!!!

  3. You will post a picture of the cake won’t you. (When it is a little more finished I mean).

  4. Sounds like you’re having a fantastic week…at least there’s a lovely party at the end of it!

  5. Boo, tortoise. Surely if you LOOK 97 you should act it.

    I will slap your chiropodist for you, ‘K?

    The delivery man from hell thing made me UTTERLY sweary on your behalf. The company in question can kiss my grubby heels.

    As for potty-training, eh. Have you tried not-particularly-comfy-or-absorbent nappies? Then he gets to work out that peeing himself is ick and has incentive? Worked for my cousin, who found pampers etc. so comfy he used to beg ot wear one as a TREAT long after he really was potty-trained… which worried us all… He grew out of it by the time he was 5, I hasten to add.

    Harry’s birthday card is in the post – ‘rah!

    The cake, I will make H photograph it from every possible angle.

    Period timing, ARSE.

  6. Need cake photos!
    Sorry about the period. Always timed for most inconvenience.

  7. I like the idea of a teen-age tortie. Ours have the torridest sex lives, so nothing would surprise me. We worry about gang rape, rather.

    On a sweeter subject: if all else fails, you may like to know that wedding cakes are on 3 for 2 at M&S at the moment.

    Um. I’ll see myself out, shall I?

  8. That card is the business. It’s absolutely going to be on CBeebies this year again (want me to shakily camcord again?) The shame that is our twins’ birthday card that won’t be shown is forthcoming.

  9. I shall force myself to watch CBeebies just to see that card appear. Super cool card for a supercool boy.

    And the cake looks pretty good to me with two days to go. You clearly function better under an adreniline rush.

    Periods….sent to torment us. Crap!

  10. POtty training can send anyone insane.
    AND I want cake pictures when you are finished

  11. That cards rocks, I mean seriously. We all love Justin – you doing ‘My First Festival’ at Legoland? Sadly I’m more excited that when I saw Take That (shakes head in disbelief muttering I used to have a job) My card, not so hot!

    Good luck with cakely activity!

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