I was chatting to the wondrous May last night on Facebook about this and that, and during the course of the conversation, I expressed a dissatisfaction with the hackneyed and cliched slang-status of Pissing MySelf Laughing. PMSL, I opined, and ROFL, were passé. We needed something else.

‘I once fell off a chair laughing,’ May mused.

‘I once choked on coffee laughing,’ I brooded.

Choked on Coffee. Fell off Chair. COCFOC was born.

You heard it here first.

*makes shooing motions*

Go viral, little acronym! Go viral!

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  1. love it…will take it and run…but…I was going to share it with my 14 year old son…till I tried to say it…. It may be my accent but heck he swears enough!! 🙂

  2. Ahhh the humble acronym. My BFF keeps me on my toes with new ones all the time…
    like: FAATKABMHOTD (Fell asleep at the keyboard and banged my head on the desk) or FAATKTO (Fell asleep at the keyboard, tits-out – which sounds Very riske until you realise that she’s a new mother who is contantly breastfeeding her bubba).
    The of course, there is my personal favourite: YWHNB (Yes, We Have No Bananas). That one just speaks to me…

  3. Aaaand, thank you for that. Years later, I shall be able to say I knew you when.

  4. I can’t keep up with the sheer pace of new acronyms, so I’ve invented a new one of my own which sums up how I feel.


    Stop the world, I’m getting off.

  5. COCFOC!

  6. For sheer political incorrectness, it would be hard to beat the one my sister just shared with me:
    LSHMTUAFIMC…….laughed so hard my turban unrolled and fell in my curry

  7. Um … actually … I didn’t.

    I heard it on May’s blog first.


  8. I came up with one dozen rude things this can stand for.


    That has the makings of a beautiful acronym, my friend.

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