Close Supervision Advisory

These are the ones I’ve been composed enough to photograph.

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  1. Saying COCFOC at this point would be cruel and heartless, wouldn’t it?

  2. Oh my God! Did he do that all on his own??

  3. He does seem very artistic, actually. Still… whatever Sudochem is (toothpaste???) I would not want to be confronting that cleanup!

    I feel like we’ve missed any major incidents, yet at the same time I own no shirts without a grease stain.

  4. In our house it was The Great Breakfast Cereal Incident that put me over the edge. My husband has the photo as the backdrop on his laptop so it comes up on the screen whenever he plugs his computer into a projector in order to give a talk. It’s very popular with other parents.

    • Harry, before I moved the box, kept grabbing handfuls of porridge oats and sprinkling them carefully all over the house, like an old lady feeding her goldfish!

  5. I guess it was sudocream, but looking at the photos, I’m not surprised that the power of spelling deserted you!

    My god, that IS impressive. Surely not all on the same day?

  6. OOOOOh. Yep – that lot would make me so mad I’d be beyond speech.

  7. Magnificent! Such wonderful ironic commentary on modern life from Harry, the world’s youngest installation artist – an infant prodigy! The sudocrem and the packing wisps – the un-keyed laptop – so ironic, so witty!

    Keep working my friend, when you’re in the Saatchi collection they’ll all appreciate you.

  8. can hardly bare to ask – and what was the timescale for his handiwork ?!
    Was impressed that you had held onto sanity/humour/will to live etc

  9. just realised you had answered timescale ? !

  10. Since Twangy covered the artistic/witty reply, I am left to simply inspire jealousy:

    I can leave my girl to her own devices for a very long time with no destruction whatsoever. Boys are trouble!

  11. So I guess from the fact that you managed to post without keyboards that you are a proficient touch typer.


    You are not alone.

    But it still sux. Hugs.

  13. Sadly, the UOGB are not really ‘touring’ Canada, so much as touching down twice. 1,000s of kilometres away from me. *sigh*

    One of these days I WILL get to see them in person.

  14. And I have commented on the wrong post.

    You know which one I’m talking about.

    I had one child I could trust anywhere with anything and one child whose childhood contained scenes such as this. *sigh*

  15. Oh lord, I’ve been there with the sudocream, my now 7yo used to smear it an poo. Was unpleasant and a total PITA to get out of her hair. Nasty stuff. I’m every so grateful she grew out of that.

  16. My worst moment to date was orange markers and my white rug.

    It’s no longer remotely white but it does make a great conversation starter.


  17. Θέλω και εγώ να σας αναφέρω το εξής. Πήγαινα από Πάτρα προς Αθήνα όταν μετά τα McDonalds πετάχτηκε ένα σκυλί (αρκούδα,όπως το χαρακτήρισε ο οδηγός της Ολυμπίας που το μάζεψε). Το σκυλί πάει,εγώ ευτυχώς δεν έπαθα τίποτα αλλά το αυτοκίνητο έπαθε 5.000 ευρώ ζημιά. Τι κάνω σε αυτή την περίπτωση? Η Ολυμπία δεν είναι υπεύθυνη να με αποζημιώσει γιατί ο δρόμος δεν είναι περιφραγμένος όπως μου είπαν σε επιστολή που μου έστειλαν..Διόδια όμως γιατί πληρώνουμε για έναν δρόμο στον οποιο δεν είμαστε ασφαλής??

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