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for something completely different.

The internet, as I am constantly reminded, is a wondrous place, and filled with knowledgeable beings. I rather doubt that anyone has the precise information I crave on this occasion – odds several million to one, I suppose – but you never know your luck.


is my great-grandfather, William Flood, pictured next to a bust of himself sculpted by his friend, Frederick Mancini, who owned a London art bronze foundry.

William Flood was an Irishman, born in Dublin in 1883, and was, by all accounts, a craftsman and artist of considerable talent, whether it be gilding, painting, signwriting or carpentry. He evidently had a strong streak of vagus in him, as he was prone to disappearing abruptly far overseas to work for long periods of time, leaving, apparently, a wife, children… and a note.

adore this photo: particularly the trousers (the trousers!) and the hair (the hair!).

The bust has, of course, long since disappeared; my Great-Auntie E thinks it might perhaps have gone to France. We would give half our kingdom to get it back.

Is it hiding in your broom cupboard?

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