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The internet, as I am constantly reminded, is a wondrous place, and filled with knowledgeable beings. I rather doubt that anyone has the precise information I crave on this occasion – odds several million to one, I suppose – but you never know your luck.


is my great-grandfather, William Flood, pictured next to a bust of himself sculpted by his friend, Frederick Mancini, who owned a London art bronze foundry.

William Flood was an Irishman, born in Dublin in 1883, and was, by all accounts, a craftsman and artist of considerable talent, whether it be gilding, painting, signwriting or carpentry. He evidently had a strong streak of vagus in him, as he was prone to disappearing abruptly far overseas to work for long periods of time, leaving, apparently, a wife, children… and a note.

adore this photo: particularly the trousers (the trousers!) and the hair (the hair!).

The bust has, of course, long since disappeared; my Great-Auntie E thinks it might perhaps have gone to France. We would give half our kingdom to get it back.

Is it hiding in your broom cupboard?

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  1. Sadly, it is not in my broom closet…

    It is pretty fantastic, though, but not as fantastic as those trousers!

  2. No, I haven’t got it either. There’s certainly a lot of character in that face. At least he showed a modicum of consideration and left your Great-grandmother a note when he went a-wandering. Possibly she was glad of that……

  3. i will keep an eye out. you never know what might be lurking, even in a small apartment’s closets….

  4. Each closet in my built-in-2005 house is, sadly, devoid of bronze busts with great hair. We have a lot of cat hair, though.

  5. What a wonderful photo!

    Nope, definitely haven’t got it. But I’ll keep an eye out, just in case.

  6. Hello, fellow countrywoman! I used to know a Flood, a great artist too, as a matter of fact. When you coming over to dig up your roots, eh? If the records haven’t all been burned to a crisp, that is. Ehem.

    Wonderful bust – Beckett-like! Fantastic mane, he has, as befits a forebear of the Hairies.

  7. Oh my! That is fabulous.

    It could be somewhere under all the crap in my garage. But I don’t think so. I think I may have remembered such a thing.

    And the hair! Oh the hair!

  8. I guess that is where you get your creative talents from.

    (Not your hair. No.)

  9. No, sorry, but you’re right. The internet is the place to look. It’s like a big cyber broom cupboard.

    Great photo.

  10. Great photo – you dont get like that anymore. The old ones make me chuckle but then can you imagine photos of us in years to come and our great children laughing at us!

  11. Fantastic crags! They simply don’t make faces like that anymore.

  12. Loving the hair! But no, I am not harbouring any mad hair bronzes in my attic. There must be a “find my lost heirloom” tv programme out there who could find it.

  13. Oh my God the HAIR! Are we related?

  14. He looks like the kind of relative who had a whole other secret family somewhere.

  15. There’s not even a broom in my broom cupboard. The spider web sculpture on the other hand bears a very strong resemblance to G-Grandad Flood’s hair.

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