Half Life

There is, without a doubt, something going on in there.

My left uterus is making a proper old grumbly fuss.

Annnnd so, to a lesser extent, is my right.

It absolutely feels as if my period is likely to kick off any minute; I keep scurrying nervously to the toilet.

A few days of that sensation, sans blood, is what normally sends me to my peesticks. They are usually positive.

I have POAS for the last 5 days (What?! What?! I needed a control group!) and the 10,000 mIU hCG trigger shot I took 8 days ago has dwindled from Initially Not Very Dark Anyway (at what must have been at least several hundred mIU. WTF, 10mIU Innernet Cheapy Sticks?) to Practically Invisible for the last two days. Like: utterly unphotographable-type invisible. Nothing I can read about Pregnyl’s half life quite accounts for this, but anyhoo, my system is evidently fairly free of it, and any subsequent stick-darkening will be… well, absurdly inconclusive, but it won’t stop me trying. 

I hate this bit.

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