Half Life

There is, without a doubt, something going on in there.

My left uterus is making a proper old grumbly fuss.

Annnnd so, to a lesser extent, is my right.

It absolutely feels as if my period is likely to kick off any minute; I keep scurrying nervously to the toilet.

A few days of that sensation, sans blood, is what normally sends me to my peesticks. They are usually positive.

I have POAS for the last 5 days (What?! What?! I needed a control group!) and the 10,000 mIU hCG trigger shot I took 8 days ago has dwindled from Initially Not Very Dark Anyway (at what must have been at least several hundred mIU. WTF, 10mIU Innernet Cheapy Sticks?) to Practically Invisible for the last two days. Like: utterly unphotographable-type invisible. Nothing I can read about Pregnyl’s half life quite accounts for this, but anyhoo, my system is evidently fairly free of it, and any subsequent stick-darkening will be… well, absurdly inconclusive, but it won’t stop me trying. 

I hate this bit.

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  1. Step away from the pee sticks!

  2. Perhaps copious nailbiting interspersed with chasing Harry will distract you? Much luck…

  3. God yes such a tough time …. But so exciting too. For me time never passed so slowly… Are you going to keep POAS daily????

    Stick in there turbo!!!

  4. I am chewing my nails all the way down to the KNUCKLE.

  5. Go, go Turbo!

  6. I have no idea how you bear the endless stick peeing. The tension is bad enough without it. Plus with all those controls isn’t the bathroom a bit, well, whiffy? Crossing fingers for reappearance of dark lines.

    • I can speak with bitter experience: they only smell when you bung them in a nearly-airtight container! Urine just evaps off & leaves reagent line.

      And… it’s just how I’m built. I don’t understand how people can bear the tension of NOT having the earliest possible clue. There are women who actually WAIT UNTIL THEIR HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT to test! Jesus. If I could centrifuge my own blood at home, I’d be doing my own twice-daily betas.

      I deal with other life-stuff in the same way; I’m ridiculously cognitive about everything. For me, knowledge is reassuring, because at least you don’t get attacked in the mental rear by nasty surprises. I’m not one who can de-stress over a thorny issue by climbing into the bath and lighting a few candles to chillax; I have to work my way through all the possible information I can get on the topic until I think I have a workable solution/set of solutions. Then I can relax, because I’m master of as much pertinent info as I can be, and I’m Prepared.

      Did I mention I was a control freak?!

      • That’s me too. Once I have gathered all of the available information, good, bad or indifferent, I can work out all of my contingency plans and only then am i able to sit back and relax.

        Stay put young Turbo, the world is watching 😉

      • Home Centrifuge

        One test tube, with stopper.
        One egg beater.
        The blood of one very determined woman with good arm and wrist strength.

        I’m so not kidding. Blood serum worked on my internet cheapies way better than urine ever did.

      • The days I DON’T pee on a stick I feel I am freewheeling blindfold, and I spend the entire time waiting for the invisible pot-hole to rip my tires off and through me through a hedge.

      • I’m with you on the testing. Just don’t get how people don’t!!! I POAS prob twice a day in my wait. Made it sO much easier!! I would have been testing blood too if i could!!

        Thinking about you x

  7. Having to really push the boundaries of the time-space continuum with the amount of wishing and hoping vibes I’m pushing out to the universe.

    And can only laugh and shake my head at the peesticks. They were not available to me back in the day but I’m pretty sure I’d have quickly developed a three stick a day habit. Perhaps a 12 step program is required?

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  9. Come on Turbo, get… er… turboing!?
    I know that doesn’t sound right but I’m tired…
    The home laboratory is disturbing me muchly. I have all sorts of visions in my head of blood-spattered kitchen equipment.

  10. Delurking after a week of feverishly working my way through your entire archives to say you’re hilarious, your family is gorgeous and I’m thinking of you, I hope everything goes as you hope!

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