We’re Still On Pessimism & House-Brick Lamping

Peesticks are fucking with me, people. Fucking with me. They have made my brain their bitch. Or something.

My internet CheapieCheapieNiceNice £2.99 for 25 tests are – quel surprise – turning out hellish unreliable. So far today, the reagent oracle has pronounced that 1) I have never encountered hCG in my life, 2) I am about 12 weeks gone, and 3) I am slightly more pregnant than yesterday.  Cue, in order: tears, mirth, and lip-chewing. The sticks are still averaging Barely There. The uterus is quiet, with none of the cramping that usually accompanies this stage.

But…  you’re on aspirin this time! pipes up Optimism.

Pessimism promptly slams Optimism’s head violently in a door  – the Eddie to Optimism’s Richie, if you like – and stands over the twitching corpse.

All in all, not having the best few days.

Although the leg-waggling did cheer me up:

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  1. That cheered me up too! More please!
    (And I have noticed that you don’t sound at all like how I thought you would. Weirdly… I’m not sure how I thought you would sound, but there we are…)
    I am utterly confused by your internet cheapie peesticks, and if I’m confused, I dread to think how confused/up and down you are.
    Sending hugs, and I’ve just made a pot of mint and ginger tea if you want some?

  2. Whoa! That’s really good balance.

    Pee-stick thing = bloody awful, up and down like a fiddler’s elbow type affair. What a headwreck, you poor girl.

    But I can’t help hoping, because why would any be reacting if there was nothing going on?


    • Oh, there’s SOMETHING going on, but it feels like too little, too late. I’ve had such strong positive tests by this stage before now. I think the most upbeat thing to think currently is that I have a late starter.

  3. Bollocky bugger to pee sticks

    That vid is priceless. Never in the history of small boys has one leg done so much to aid balancing!!!!!!


  4. Hey – Harry’s balance issues don’t seem to be any more. That’s some good legwork.

    *pulls a face at the pee sticks*

  5. That video is just too cute for words!

    (and, bizarrely, I think you sound vaguely Scots – Edinburgh – in that video. Odd!)

  6. Made me giggle whilst stuck in the worlds largest traffic jam otherwise known as north London.

    Peesticks are rubbish. Really they are. I was listening to a feature on a beeping peestick for the blind the other day and was wondering how they could deal with the shades of the lines.

  7. I with Twangy. To get anything has to make you scratch your head a little. And who knows maybe a different uterus reacts a bitt differently.

    Oh. That sounded oddly positive when you told us not positive thought before.


  8. Um, when are we moving on from the internet cheepy-cheap-cheaps and getting on to the hard stuff like Tescos own and so on?

    I would be using a large range of makes by now to make sure I was being confused from all possible angles.

    Am also boggling at the thought of beeping sticks!

    • Oh, am using The Tesco Triumphants too! Trouble with those is, although they are just Phenom. sensitive, the line they produce tends to look broadly the same for the first 100 mIU.

      I do have an Expensive Boots one lined up for tomorrow morning. I am preparing my Best Wee for it!

      • And how, precisely does one prepare one’s best wee?!

        • That’d be the wee you specially save up, and of course, first morning wee is the gold standard when it comes to sticking sticks in it….

          I asume any reference to the fact that you can’t assume levels from peesticks will get the strategic half-ender in a sock? So I won’t…

  9. well what a lot I’ve missed this week.
    What dpo are you? (or dpegg collection?)
    If a line appears a couple of hours after weeing, it’s not a real line, and it sounds like those cheepies are toying with you.

    Fingers crossed for the expensive upper class one tomorrow!

    and I just caught up with the transfer post. Sounds very uncomfortable, so glad they finally found the right place to put the embryo.

    Really hoping that the reason there’s no clear answer yet is just that this pregnancy is different.

    will be back tomorrow.

    • Hello Globetrotty lady!

      Am 12dpo saturday, or dp collection anyhoo.

      The 10 mIU cheapies are now producing a faaaaint line in the requisite 5-10 minutes, which they weren’t 4 days ago, so I am – just – THAT pregnant, at least.

      The Tesco tests are indeed a tease (I suspect they are only supposed to be 25mIU) in that they do take an hour or so to brew a line. I know the party line on reading ’em after the time window, but I have used dozens of the things over my last 3 pregnancies, and a fair few more when I wasn’t pregnant. They categorically pick up nothing when is there is nothing to pick up – and pick up anything north of 3 or 4 mIU. I’ve had a clear line – eventually – the same morning as a beta of 6. Ridiculous!

      And….ehh. I think I have a zombryo. Lines are all getting darker, but too slow, and a bit too late. Have appt Monday afternoon, so beta joy will begin then, if my period doesn’t get there first – unlikely, with 400mg of progesterone-laden lard going north twice a day…

  10. I have a tenterhook wedged in my armpit, you know.

    Many, many hugs. Fucking peesticks. Damn them all.

    Harry’s Leg is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  11. Well this is just EXTREMELY IRRITATING.

    (sorry, my mental theasaurus is wiped of anything useful).
    Keep us updated?

  12. I love the video of Harry, he is a joy to watch, and boy can he scoot and balance at the same time. That is some feat.
    I am hoping your Tesco has better news for you tomorrow and even better news on Monday.

  13. Go Harry! That’s some awesome scooting!

    And as I also said to May, I have no comment on the sticks of torture…

  14. Okay, don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my degree is in molecular biology, and I now teach college students so I HAVE A LAB. FedEx me some blood and/or urine, ASAP. I’m on it!!

  15. This is where I quietly whisper that I do know of two late implanters that are quite happily filling nappies these days. Such stories exist (as we all know). I have no idea if my two were late implanters or not because I think early testing is self torture (I would have come undone doing it. You, dear woman, are a pillar of strength. Totally.). I am totally sending love and various lucky charms/deals with the devil.

    What date does a blood test start registering things? Because May Problem Uterus sounds like a new best friend.

  16. Okay, I go on holiday, have a bit of a panic about legal processes, and this happens?

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