It’s Not Going Well

I’ve been awake since the small hours with sharp, rhythmic pain very low down on the pregnant side. The Schrödinger side. The whatever side. Painful enough to make sleep a practical impossibility. It eased off at dawn and has now subsided to a most unpleasant twinge every few minutes.

I’m not bleeding, so I am theorising that my cervix is still shut, despite feeling that I have suffered sufficiently for several cm of dilation by now. I’ve been in some degree of pain, more or less continually, for several days.

Added to which fact, there is the clear evidence of three days’ worth of lightening-in-shade peesticks, which had previously been quietly getting gradually darker. This morning’s is very significantly paler, and so is the second one, which I used in the vain hope it might tell me a different story.

I had booked an emergency scan for tomorrow, in any case – this amount of pain is never good – (and I am theoretically away on a hen weekend from tomorrow that I was apprehensive of ruining) but I have just rung up the early pregnancy unit to explain I need to go in today. The sister offered me a 12.40, but matters are complicated slightly by the fact that today is my father’s 65th birthday, and we have a table booked at 1pm, 25 miles away from the hospital. We agreed, before I dissolved utterly into tears, that I should wait, come in at 3pm, and she’d squeeze me in asap.



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  1. I’m really sorry, I am not very good at saying the right thing, so please just know this is me trying.

    I will be thinking of you x

  2. Thinking positive thoughts that is…

  3. Well, crap. Pain is not something we like.

    I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Oh no, Ann. Poor you – what a bloody awful torturous time. So sorry you are there again.

    Hanging on with you, with tea and hand-holding as required – hoping for the best.

    Many hugs.

  5. …as in that’s terrible…just realised might have another meaning for you. Meant the one which conveyed maximum empathy to you and annoyance to the Universe.

  6. Oh, my dear.

    Keep us posted, please.

  7. Shit. Fingers crossed that things will be ok. Hand holding with the others from afar.

  8. Hang in there. I think your needs are more important than a 65th birthday- it’s not a big zero anyway! Hope things turn out positively, but pain ain’t good. [[hugs]]

  9. Virtual hugs and hopeful wishes from Downunder.

  10. Thinking about you and sending virtual hugs ….

  11. Bollocks…

  12. I don’t know what to say.
    *Looks worried, holds HFF’s hand*

  13. I am so sorry to hear this, and that you have spent all night in worry and pain. Keeping you in my thoughts as you wait and as you go through this.

  14. Thinking of you. *hug*

  15. Thinking of you. xx

  16. Oh honey.

    Am physically/emotionally here or not here for you, whichever is easiest for you and will help you the most.

    Sending love from smoky Hampshire.

  17. Dear heart, thinking of you.

    *Chews nails*

  18. Ah, hon. Thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs.

  19. Fingers crossed.

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